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Thread: btstackserver.exe plugin for Skype

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    btstackserver.exe plugin for Skype


    I have got an annoying problem here so if anyone can help me it would be great. I have installed Skype and am using it without problems, but after some time it told me to install a plugin called btstackserver.exe. What is this plugin? Is it required to be installed? Thank you
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    Re: btstackserver.exe plugin for Skype

    it is very likely that you have installed Bluetooth software that is Skype-aware, which is to say that this software will supposedly provide added value if you allow these programs to connect to the Skype client

    note that the requests that you see are not prompting for the installation of any new software (that has already been done), but rather they are asking for your approval to connect to the client via the Skype API

    you can review what software is and isn't allowed to connect to the Skype client by clicking Tools|Options|Advanced and then on the link at the bottom that says 'Manage other programs' access to Skype'

    obviously you do not need to allow such connection if you are not using Bluetooth audio devices with Skype

    Skype is not responsible for the installation or use of third-party software

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    Re: btstackserver.exe plugin for Skype

    The BTStackServer.exe is one of the main components of the Bluetooth software installation. The error message indicates a faulty Windows configuration. I think your best option is to re-install Windows on this machine and install the Bluetooth software after this.

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    Re: btstackserver.exe plugin for Skype

    I can provide you a bit information on btstackserver.exe process. This is a service which is responsible to use bluetooth devices on your system. Any bluetooth devices like a mobile phone, or a bluetooth headset cannot work if this service is not working in the background. Called as Bluetooth Stack COM Server, helps you to configure or pair the devices and use them for data transfer process. It can be terminated safely via Task Manager unless you are not using a bluetooth device like, wifi mouse/keyboard, wifi headset, etc. And if you had stopped using this kind of device on your system you can simply uninstall the bluetooth thing from Control Panel.

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    Re: btstackserver.exe plugin for Skype

    It might work if you re-install the Bluetooth tool. There is no plugin for Skype. The latest version is equipped with supporting wifi devices on skype. So the first thing you have to do is upgrade your skype version. Once done then ensure that your Bluetooth is properly installed with the most recent drivers. Older might conflict. Your computer must support HSP. This is a headset profile used to pair wifi devices. If it is paired properly then only you can use it with the messenger.

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    Re: btstackserver.exe plugin for Skype

    There is always an issue between skype and bluetooth devices. The software which comes with bluetooth device is the important one. Depending on the bluetooth stack of your system it is necessarying you check the bluetooth device listed. You have to choose this device as default audio device or else it is not detected. Then go in Tools > Options> Audio settings > choose the bluetooh device and then use it.

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