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Thread: Fix “Missing a temporary folder” error in Wordpress

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    Fix “Missing a temporary folder” error in Wordpress

    Whenever i try to uplaod any images or any media content to Wordpress i get "Missing a Temporary Folder" error message. This happened after couple of weeks of installation in Linux Server with Cpanel Hosting. This happens to my all wordpress blogs of 2.7.1 version.

    Do you have any idea or solution to fix this problem ?

    Please help.

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    Re: Fix “Missing a temporary folder” error in Wordpress.

    You can easily overcome this problem by editing the php.ini file located in etc/ folder, uncommenting the line upload_tmp_dir (by deleting the semi-colon “;”) and pointing the variable to a folder using an absolute path. Try this steps:-

    1. Open a terminal.

    2. Create a temporary folder for all apache tasks in your user folder and grant all right to all users:

    mkdir wwwtmp && chmod 0777 wwwtmp
    3. Edit php.ini with your text editor and set the temporary folder (you must switch to root user)
    vim /opt/lampp/etc/php.ini
    upload_tmp_dir = /home/my_user/wwwtmp/
    Remeber to remove preceding “;”

    4. save the file (in vim type :wq an press enter) and restart xampp
    /opt/lampp/./lampp restart

    Thats it..If everything went fine the error won’t be raised anymore.

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    Re: Fix “Missing a temporary folder” error in Wordpress.

    In wordpress, when you upload a media, following folders are automatically create:


    You can check if these folders are automatically created or not. Or you can create them manually. I hope this will work..

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    Re: Fix “Missing a temporary folder” error in Wordpress.

    Thanks. I was also facing the same problem.

    This is what I needed!

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