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Thread: To sort messages in Outlook Express

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    To sort messages in Outlook Express


    I am using Microsoft Outlook Express 6 in my Windows XP operating system.
    I was wondering if I could manage or rather sort out the messages in my outlook express which helps me while searching for the specific message.
    I wanna ask is there any method through which I can sort my messages in OE?

    Any ideas.......

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    Re: To sort messages in Outlook Express

    You can easily sort the messages in outlook express by their properties.

    Follow the steps -

    • Click Start > Programs > Open Microsoft Outlook Express

    • Select View > Columns. A window shows all the available property columns and those that are currently being displayed are checked. To hide a property column uncheck the box and to view a column check the box. The order in which they are displayed can be changed by using the move up/move down button. Check the box next to attachments and priority.

    • To rearrange the order highlight the property and click the move up/move down button. The screen shot below show the attachment and priority columns moved to the top.

    • If we know look at the inbox we can see that the priority and attachments columns are now visible. We can now use these columns to sort the messages.

    • The easiest way of sorting by a particular property is to click that column header as shown in the screen shot below. You should also note that the arrow indicates the order of sorting (ascending/descending) and also which of the columns is being used for sorting. In this case we are sorting on the received column and the sort order is ascending. To reverse the order just click again. To sort by another column just click that column header.

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    Re: To sort messages in Outlook Express

    You can sort your messages in the folder by different aspects : the date at which you received them, from whom you received them , or their subject, etc....

    To sort messages using the View menu

    > Open a folder.

    > Click View - A drop down menu will appear enabling you with number of sorting options -
    • Sort by Unread
    • Sort by Sender
    • Sort by Subject
    • Sort by Date
    • Sort by Size
    • Sort by Attachment
    • Sort by Flag

    > Choose the sorting option

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    Re: To sort messages in Outlook Express

    To sort messages using a column header:

    1. Open a folder.
    2. Click the Date column header.
    3. The direction of the arrow changes, and the contents of the folder are restored in ascending order, so the most recent message appears at the bottom of the list.
    4. To sort the messages by the data in a different column, click the desired column header. For example, click From to sort by the senders of the messages.
      The sort order arrow appears on the selected column header, and the contents of the folder are restored based on this column’s data. The sort order (that is, ascending or descending) remains the same as it was on the last column

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