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Thread: Export Excel 2003 sheet in csv Format

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    Export Excel 2003 sheet in csv Format

    Hello everyone,

    i Have Small Query Regarding Excel Export Funtion , I want to Ask whether it is possible to export an excel sheet in csv. and particularly what I would like is can we export (create) a document csv on which we are working . Infact in this document of excel sheet, i Have 2 Sheet Which i would like to tranform in Csv. format Please Help Solve These Thank in Advance

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    Re: Export Excel 2003 sheet in csv Format


    I might not be very constructive in that first comment but ... I understood nothing. Otherwise: yes we can "save as" CSV. We must save each sheet separately by "save as" or you will overwrite your CSV each time by the data from different sheets. Each file created by a backup in CSV, Excel opened by only a single sheet. If you leave a document to XLS format with multiple sheets and you save a CSV, XLS original document will not be affected.


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    Re: Export Excel 2003 sheet in csv Format

    Excel is an application that produces and uses CSV. A particular aspect of how Excel uses CSV has become a considerable source of confusion and uncertanty. Excel will always remove leading zeros from fields before displaying them. It will also always remove leading spaces. It insists on helping you, even if removing these leading zeros will, for example, cause your numerically keyed records to sort out of order.

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    Re: Export Excel 2003 sheet in csv Format

    Hello , In order to save an Excel sheet as CSV file simply select the Save As option from the menu and select the CSV(comma delimited) format. To test the CSV file open it with Notepad or another text editor, and not Excel. Excel will recognize the CSV format and display the file with proper formatting - e.g. rows and columns.

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