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Thread: interior design software needed

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    interior design software needed

    Hello everyone
    My brother is looking for an interior design software to simulate the development of their new home. Do you have references (payed or not). Thank you in advance

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    Re: interior design software needed

    Interior design software is very useful and helpful in the sense that you can upload your photos and make changes. But it's best to have a compatible computer with high resolution that can work with graphics and enough space on your hard drive to save files, but preferably save on a hard disk. You don't want to run the risk of losing your files to slow memory or occurring viruses in case you want to print your work, but in any case you a disk.

    Yes, I recommend using an interior design software program for your projects. Interior design software programs like Abtacadata Design -- draws room plans with easy-to-use drawing tools. Ability to arrange furnishings, use color schemes, and rotates objects. Also, lets you place any objects where you want them and can choose colors and patterns.

    How about? Bob Vila's Home Design -- design your home with Bob Vila and let him be your guide through showing you 2D and 3D CAD drafting, ready made home plans, and walk through animated 3D home tours. This guy has personal years of experience in handyman and working on home projects.

    House Beautiful 3D Interior Design -- an easy-to-use software package, where you'll be given advice by House Beautiful experts. It lets you design and redesign the rooms in your home, walks you through dozens of interior design finished rooms, and can help to design, decorate, and furnish your rooms. There are hundreds of styles, colors, and more to choose from. Get excellent professionally interior designed results with 3D interior design.

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    Re: interior design software needed

    I would say Sketchup . It's not exactly for interiors but it is the friendliest modeling tool and believe me I know as I am an architect . There are tons of other software which do all sorts of out of the box layouts but if you really want an excellent tool for free which gives you all the freedom Sketchup is the way to go .

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    Re: interior design software needed

    if your after technical drawing / CAD apps Vectorworks is toooo expensive for 1 project..... but there are some apps out there that will be fine for drawing up a room.... like....

    if you want 3D Modeling software like Form*Z, Maya, Lightwave or Cinema4D... they are all top dolla... but these might suit your budget better...

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    Re: interior design software needed

    I suggest you try the 3D CAD Architecture 2. With its simple usability the software clearly stands out of the crowd. It also has great features like ‘intelligent’ components, perfect 2D/3D plans including cross sections and views, virtual reality image export and precise dimensioning,

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