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Thread: Can i Make Autorun.ini Open a txt File???

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    Can i Make Autorun.ini Open a txt File???

    I wanted to create a autorun.inf file on the CD. How can i create it???

    Thanks in Advance...!

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    Re: Can i Make Autorun.ini Open a txt File???

    Here is some information that you will need to make a CD/DVD autorun.
    This feature of the CD is used by almost all the software manufacturers.
    When u insert a CD a program runs automatically.
    copy an icon(.ico extension) to a suitable folder that u want to give to ur CD.

    Then, open notepad & type the following code:

    Then save the file as autorun.inf in a suitable folder.
    Here, "icon.ico" is an icon file with name "icon" and ".ico" is the icon's extension. "filename.exe" is the name of the executable file having "filename" as its name and ".exe" is the extension for any executable file.
    Now burn your CD/DVD normally as you do it usually.
    put the autorun.inf file that you created in the root directory not in any folder.
    If the Executive File and Icon File is not in the root drive, but in a folder, you will have to provide the path in the above code. Example:

    NOTE : Make sure you do not put the autorun.inf file in any folder, else the CD/DVD wont autorun.

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    Re: Can i Make Autorun.ini Open a txt File???

    Here is the Microsoft result for how to create Autorun.inf

    Microsoft Site

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    Re: Can i Make Autorun.ini Open a txt File???

    To create a CD that will auto-run is actually very simple. All you need to do is to create the file ‘AUTORUN.INF’ in the CD's root directory and put some simple commands in the file to indicate what you want to be auto-run. The file ‘AUTORUN.INF is a simple text file - so use notepad to edit it.

    The ‘AUTORUN.INF’ file must start with the following line:


    It can then include any of the following (optional) commands - with each command placed on a separate line:

    icon=icon.ico -Specifies the name of the icon file that will be used by explorer as the icon for that CD.
    This may be the name of an executable file that contains an icon. If the executable contains more than one icon then an optional index field can be specified to indicate which icon to use:


    label=text label - Text label that will be displayed against the CD within explorer.

    open=exefile - Specifies the command that is to be autorun when the CD is first inserted. It may include a path and any arguments.

    ShellExecute=datafile - Specifies an application or data file that is to be opened. Windows will launch the application associated with that file type to open the datafile.

    Note: ShellExecute is not supported under older versions of Windows (i.e. under Windows 95 or Window 98).

    For example to create a CD that will autorun the program ‘setup.exe’ would require an AUTORUN.INF file similar to:

    To create a CD that will autorun to open the html file ‘index.htm’ would require:

    However, since some older versions of Windows do not support ‘ShellExecute’ a less elegant alternative would be:

    open=command /c start index.htm
    Be aware that the use of ‘command’ and ‘start’ restrict this to machines running Windows.

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    Re: Can i Make Autorun.ini Open a txt File???

    Autorun.inf Maker

    Autorun.inf Maker is a freeware utility designed to assist in the creation of Autorun.inf files.

    Autorun.inf files allow the cd's you create to automatically launch an application when the cd is inserted in the cd player. Simply place the file you create with Autorun.inf maker in the root directory of your cd.

    Download Autorun.inf Maker (56k) for Windows 95 or higher or NT

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