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Thread: Virtual Machine Additions Issue

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    Virtual Machine Additions Issue

    A couple of day ago, my main server went down.Then I went to start up the Virtual Machine and I get a boot error message in the command prompt.Is there any way to force them to uninstall or reinstall them manually, without having to build another server & install VS again?

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    Re: Virtual Machine Additions Issue

    Set your physical CD drive as your virtual machine's CD and check the BIOS settings of your Virtual Machine so that it could boot from a CD.

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    Re: Virtual Machine Additions Issue

    You can only install the Virtual Machine additions from within Hyper-V if the virtual machine is running Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista SP1, Windows Server 2003 SP2 or Windows Server 2008 and the additions are version 13.803, 13.813, or 13.820. If the operating system is different or the additions are different, they can only be removed from Virtual Server or Virtual PC.

    If you don't have another machine on which to install Virtual Server or Virtual PC to uninstall the additions, you will have to remove the Hyper-V role from your current box before you install Virtual Server/PC on it. You cannot install both Hyper-V and Virtual Server/PC into the same instance of the operating system.

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    Re: Virtual Machine Additions Issue

    Have you considered NTFS permissions on the file may be causing the issue?Try turning off System Restore for the drive holding the virtual hard disk.

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