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Thread: Export OLE object to Excel?

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    Export OLE object to Excel?


    As part of a project , I tried to export a file from Access to XLS containing the results of requests, but also fixed data (method, date of update formulas, etc.).. I therefore wish to store a "file type" as XLS OLE in a field, then export the results of different queries (transferspreadsheet, etc.).. My problem is that I can not export the XLS file.A file is created in the way you want, but nothing appears in the opening ... Someone would have an idea or have already encountered this problem? please Help me Solve this Thank in advance . Thank you in advance!

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    Re: Export OLE object to Excel?

    Hello , Access built-in routine For importing from Excel assumes that the data is in a contiguous block of cells, and grabs the values that Excel has stored for each cell. It doesn't see graphic objects on the worksheet, so your code would have to somehow work out which item in the worksheet's Shapes collection went with which row of data, then get the picture out of the Shape and into the Access OLE field.

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    Re: Export OLE object to Excel?

    Hello , From Excel you can easily import files from an Access query (I've already done several times) In the Data tab (Data) select Import / Export, then New Database Query ... Everything is explained in Help Excel (importing data from a database)

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    Re: Export OLE object to Excel?

    To embed a new object…Make a copy of the object and place it in the running directory.Shift down start the database and copy the name of the object to the table.If it’s a font you will also need to check the entry in the table so that it may be registered.Close and re-start.The database is a little unusual in that it contains and uses no references to DAO or ADO.
    It converts up to A2K without problems. Because of the AutoExec Macro, A2K3 users may get a warning.

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