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Thread: How to Update Office 2000 Pro to Office 2007?

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    How to Update Office 2000 Pro to Office 2007?

    Hello to all
    I have Office 2000 Pro that I bought in year 2000, and I am a free update to Office 2007 using the free Compatibility Pack before doing so, I want make sure It This Really a Genuine version of Office 2007 or a substitute? if this is not the case, I think I would need to buy Office 2007? is this really a free trial or for a while? have you tested it ? what do you think? thank you for your answers

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    Re: How to Update Office 2000 Pro to Office 2007?

    Microsoft Office is available in two versions, a non-upgrade version that you can install on any compatible computer, and an upgrade version that requires that a qualifying product be installed on your computer or that disk 1 from the qualifying product be available when you run the Setup program.

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    Re: How to Update Office 2000 Pro to Office 2007?

    The easiest way to get Service Packs and Hotfixes is to go the Microsoft Office site with Internet Explorer at and following their automated procedure for updates. However, for the Service Packs this can be slower than doing it more directly as given below. For the just the hotfixes, it is faster to go to the Microsoft site. The following information applies for any method of updating your 2000 installation. See below for XP or 97. Unless a copy of the cd was made to your computer (newest installations only - look for a subdirectory that begins "MSO2K...or MSOXP"), you will get asked for a cd with Office Standard, Professional, or Premium when doing the updates. One of the following 3 items should apply in most cases where the cd copy isn't locally installed

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    Re: How to Update Office 2000 Pro to Office 2007?

    You can purchase the Upgrade version of Office 2007. Your Office 2000 is a qualifying product for any edition of Office 2007.Before you install Office 2007, uninstall the trial version of Office 2003 you have on your Computer.You do not need to install Office 2000. When the Office 2007 installer asks for a qualifying product, just insert your Office 2000 CD in the same drive and the installer will accept it. If you have one of the many versions of Works installed that are also qualifying products, you will not need to insert your Office 2000 CD.

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    Re: How to Update Office 2000 Pro to Office 2007?

    The Compatibility Pack is a small program that allows you to read or convert a file from a recent version to use it in another older version The trial version of Office 2007 is free but does not include all the possibilities of the program. It is limited to 60 days

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