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Thread: Opening Powerpoint file with Openoffice

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    Opening Powerpoint file with Openoffice


    I use openoffice office software. When I receive slideshow "powerpoint" by email, I can not open them in two clicks. The computer asks me to save it.
    When I try, then open the file (format powerpoint pps / ppsm) that is saved on the hard drive, openoffice software asks me to select a filter (the filter with Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 XML, it works).

    Asked what "setting" should I do to avoid these manip when I want to open a powerpoint file with 3.0?

    Thank you in advance for your help

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    Re: Opening Powerpoint file with Openoffice

    Does it happen with all or some .pptx files? Right click the file, and click "open with", then select either power point, the viewer, or open office program or whatever you want to use to open it.

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    Re: Opening Powerpoint file with Openoffice

    If you are using always save your work in Impress OpenDocument format (.odp) before saving in Microsoft format. Keep the Impress file as your working copy. If you need to change the presentation, change it in the Impress version and then save it again as PowerPoint. You are much less likely to have problems than if you open a file previously saved in PowerPoint format, edit it, and save it again.

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    Re: Opening Powerpoint file with Openoffice

    You will need to follow the e-mail's instructions and associate Impress to ppt and pps files in XP.

    Since you'll need to associate two file types, we'll go the long route for associating files.

    • Click your Start button and choose Control Panel.
    • Locate and open Folder Options.
    • Click the File Types tab. The dialog will display a long list of file types.
    • Scroll down to PPS or PPT and click to select it. (If you don't see it listed you'll need to add it by clicking the New button.)
    • On the bottom half of the dialog, there's an "opens with" option. What is listed as the default there?
    • If Impress is already associated, then the problem is in your e-mail configuration and you'll need to consult its Help file to specify default programs.
    • If Impress is not already associated, click the Change button and scroll to Impress. Make sure the checkbox "Always use the selected program to open this kind of file" is checked.

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