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Thread: Ordinal Not Found

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    Ordinal Not Found

    I am having a small problem with my divx player. As i prefer this player as a default one for media application. I yesterday tried to open the divx player and run a video on it, it provided that ordinal not found. So cannot proceed further. Please provide some help regarding this

    your help will be appreciated

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    Re: Ordinal Not Found

    It could be a shared DLL overwritten by DIVX. Try downloading it from

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    Re: Ordinal Not Found

    I won't go so far as to say that the errors you guys are getting are a result of coding in the DivX 6 coding - because, well it hasn't been confirmed yet. Apparently a lot of people are havingn this same issue and the people over at DivX don't really know what to make of it yet. Here's a potential work-around that I have seen tossed around.

    First, here's an overview of what the problem appears to be:

    libeay32.dll (or libeay32) -> part of the OpenSSL library that contains "encryption functions which allow for coded communications over networks."

    ssleay32.dll (or ssleay32) -> part of the same OpenSSL library.

    bcmwltry.exe (or bcmwltry) -> the Broadcom Wireless Networking system tray.

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    Re: Ordinal Not Found

    1.) Create a system restore point prior to completing the following steps and back-up your system's registry files.

    2.) Use the Windows Find/Search function to locate all copies of both libeay32.dll and ssleay32.dll.

    3.) You'll probably pull up multiple copies of each one of these files. You need to find the newest file and keep it in your system. As for the older copies you can either delete them or rename then (i.e. put a "1" in the file name).

    4.) Restart and try DivX 6.

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    Re: Ordinal Not Found

    1. go to spybot and get there cleaner and do that on your system and run there free online virus and spyware cleaner first.

    then do the following after the above is done.

    you should do two things ,
    If you have any EMC7 templates of files you want kept, move them first.

    two run Roxio Zap a few times and that will remove your version on EMC8 & 7 and all the other items in the install side , then run this free registry cleaner be careful that it doesn't remove any other parts of program's you want.
    then reboot and that should have remove all parts of the EMC range.

    Now reboot and then try the install again.
    make sure you have the time on the computer corect, and that you have the latist Directx installed.

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