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Thread: Excel vertical search, Multiple results per id

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    Excel vertical search, Multiple results per id

    My question is about vertical search excel.

    I would like to want to link IDs and user names that appear in a cell. Only these IDs / numbers associated with multiple user names.

    At this moment I am where I get 1 per user id, but I would like to thank all the user names to get in 1 cell. My question is: Is this possible and if so how?


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    Re: Excel vertical search, Multiple results per id

    try this
    Public Function vlookupall$(strSearch As String, rngRange As Range, lngLookupCol As Long)

    'Vlookupall searches in first column of rngRange for strSearch and returns corresponding
    'values of column lngLookupCol if strSearch was found. All corr. values are collected and
    'returned in one string (result of function).

    Dim i As Long

    If lngLookupCol > rngRange.Columns.Count Then
    vlookupall = CVErr(xlErrValue)
    Exit Function
    End If

    vlookupall = ""

    For i = 1 To rngRange.Rows.Count

    If rngRange(i, 1).Text = strSearch Then

    vlookupall = vlookupall & rngRange(i, lngLookupCol).Text & "; "

    End If

    Next i

    End Function

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    Re: Excel vertical search, Multiple results per id

    you can use above vbn script or check this

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    Re: Excel vertical search, Multiple results per id

    Use this function on an acct number in your table, =ISNUMBER(A1). If it is a true value/number then the function will return TRUE. If not then it returns FALSE. Then use your CONCATENATE part of your formula to get just the combination of the numbers you are putting together to "build" an acct number and put that in a cell by itself, like B1. Then use =ISNUMBER(B1). If it returns FALSE then you will see the problem. VLOOKUP needs both to be the same so it can find what it is looking for.

    Also, you don't need to use the CONCATENATE function at all. You can just use =A1&B1&C1, for example. And finally I have many suggestions to make your file smaller and thus calculate faster and open and save faster as well.

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