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Thread: Internet Explorer 8 hangs on Start

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    Internet Explorer 8 hangs on Start

    Hello everyone.

    Hello ,I am Happy to install the latest Microsoft IE8 and but It has already started Hanging ? It is giving me not responding error and and in the end i have to Fortunately I have the firefox so i am Using it now but please give proper suggestion to solve these Thank you in advance for your help.

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    Re: Internet Explorer 8 hangs on Start

    Hello Can you uninstall IE8, and come back to version 7 Have you tried to install it via this link? Http:// please Try to install via this link and also download the latest updated version

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    Re: Internet Explorer 8 hangs on Start

    Hello , It is a good idea to have two or more browsers, in the event that one browser has problems you can immediately switch to another and continue your browsing. Firefox is the browser with the most development, Flock is great for downloading and uploading pictures quickly, Flock uses a version of Firefox as it's kernel. Opera is elegant in its simplicity. Internet Explorer is an example of how not to build a browser. Chrome and Internet Explorer are privacy concerns since they are connected with search engines and Email providers, IE-live search-Hotmail, and Chrome-Google-gmail. The privacy concern is all your internet habits will be associated to your email account.

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    Re: Internet Explorer 8 hangs on Start

    Windows Internet Explorer 8 is still in a state where it is being tested and some functionality in Windows Live Hotmail may not work efficiently using this browser. In the meantime, I suggest that you try accessing internet on the Compatibility View feature. Compatibility View lets you access your account in Internet Explorer 8 just like accessing it in Windows Internet Explorer 7. Here are the instructions on how to access your account using the Compatibility View mode.

    1. Launch Windows Internet Explorer 8
    2. Click on the Tools menu, then choose "Compatibility View Settings."
    3. On the "Address of website to add to Compatibility View" address box, click on the "Add" button. should be included on the list of website after doing this.
    4. Click the "Close" button.

    and also the latest version of internet explorer have a also released you can try installing it , it may help you

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    Re: Internet Explorer 8 hangs on Start

    Hello , Sometimes if u go to add/remove programs and try repair. Try running system file checker... this can fix IE sometimes start -> run -> cmd -> sfc /scannow Running system restore helps sometimes as well. Another option is to switch to firefox or chrome.

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