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Thread: How to export a Project 2003 file into Excel 2003

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    How to export a Project 2003 file into Excel 2003

    So I have a project plan in MS Project that I need to put into Excel so other co-workers without Project can see it.

    When I try I get the common "operation failed," message.

    My Word and Excel are SP3, but Project appears to be SP2. (I figured this out by clicking "help" and then "about word/excel/project).

    Looks like downloading SP3 won't help me because I already have it.

    How else can I get the export to work?


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    Re: How to export a Project 2003 file into Excel 2003

    You can export information from Microsoft Office Project 2003 to another format, such as Microsoft Excel (as a workbook or PivotTable), Microsoft Project Database (MPD), Microsoft Access Database (MDB), Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) -compliant database formats that Project supports (Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle Server), Extensible Markup Language (XML), Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), and comma-separated values (CSV) or text-only format.

    1. On the File menu, click Save As.
    2. In the Save as type box, select the file format you want to export data to.
    To export project data to a SQL Server or Oracle Server format, click ODBC, and then continue with step 5.
    3. In the File name box, type a name for the exported file.
    4. Click Save.
    5. Follow the instructions in the Export Wizard to export the data you want into the proper fields of the destination file.

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    Re: How to export a Project 2003 file into Excel 2003

    I don't know much about MS Project. However, you can select the information you want on any of the Project views and then save them to a worksheet. Try selecting a task rows in your project, select the Save As option on the File pull down menu. In the Save As dialog window select either Excel Worksheet or Excel Pivot Table in the file type pull down. This will launch the Export Wizard which allows you to map Project data into your worksheet. It isn't the friendliest interface in the world, but it may give you what you need.

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    Re: How to export a Project 2003 file into Excel 2003

    1. Create a view that contains the desired data
    2. Select the data you would like to copy within Microsoft Project
    3. Click on > Edit, > Copy Task (Ctrl-C)
    4. Within Excel, click on Paste

    Note that the selected information is pasted accurately, but it lacks the column headings, the WBS or outline structure and it does not retain the bold formatting for Summary Tasks or the Project Summary Task. Also note that the date format now includes the time.

    This approach is quick and simple but makes it very tough to decipher the details of this project. Additional work or formatting may be required to get this file in a workable state.

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