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Thread: What is Windows Product Activation for XP?

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    What is Windows Product Activation for XP?

    hi friends,

    I want to ask a question related to Windows XP. Can anyone tell me what do you mean by windows product activation for XP. If anyone knows then please provide the information about this....

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    Re: What is Windows Product Activation for XP?

    The Microsoft License for use of Windows has always been limited to allowing installation on only a single machine (and that excludes having the same copy installed on a laptop as well as a desktop machine: only MS Office is licensed for the combination). Microsoft believes that this has been subject to much casual abuse. WPA is a means of ensuring that a single copy is not installed on more than a single machine.

    So, within the first 30 days after installing Windows XP, you must get the system ‘activated’ if you are to be able to go on using it. This involves the computer dialing in and giving some information about the hardware on which Windows is installed, receiving in return a release code which will be recorded on the system.

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    Re: What is Windows Product Activation for XP?

    Windows Product Activation (WPA) is one new feature in Windows XP that has caused great concern is.

    There are a great many rumors, and much misinformation, from which you might be led to think that WPA is going to call Microsoft every day and say just what you are doing with your computer; that, if you make any changes at all to your computer hardware, the machine will be instantly disabled; and that WPA is a sneaky way for Microsoft to store personal information about you or your computer, or to begin charging you a monthly fee for your continued use of Windows XP. In fact, all of these rumors are false.
    WPA is a fairly easy-going check when Windows boots, confirming that it is still installed on the same computer as last time it checked. That’s all.

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    Re: What is Windows Product Activation for XP?

    The WPA system checks ten categories of hardware:
    • Display Adapter
    • SCSI Adapter
    • IDE Adapter (effectively the motherboard)
    • Network Adapter (NIC) and its MAC Address
    • RAM Amount Range (i.e., 0-64mb, 64-128mb, etc.)
    • Processor Type
    • Processor Serial Number
    • Hard Drive Device
    • Hard Drive Volume Serial Number (VSN)
    • CD-ROM / CD-RW / DVD-ROM

    It then calculates and records a number based on the first device of each type that was found during setup, and stores this number on your hard drive. Initially, this is sent to Microsoft in an automatic dial-up, together with the Product ID number derived from the 25-character unique Product Key used in setting up Windows.

    If Service Pack 1 has been installed, the entire Product Key is also transmitted: This can then be checked against a list of known pirated keys

    The hardware is checked each time Windows boots, to ensure that it is still on the same machine. Also, if you subsequently perform a complete format and reinstall of Windows, Microsoft’s activation center will have to be contacted again because the information held on the machine itself (the number previously written to your hard drive) will have been wiped out by reformatting the hard drive. If your hardware is substantially the same, this will be done by an automated call without your needing to talk to anyone.

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