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Thread: Problem with Office 2003

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    angry Problem with Office 2003

    Hey Everyone,

    Recently i had installed Microsoft Office 2003 on my system. I'm running Windows Vista on it. Whenever i try to open any Word document or Excel sheet i get the terms and conditions page poping up on my screen. I have tried to re-installed it, and then again tried to install it back on my pc, but i face the same problem. Can any one tell me why i'm having such problem on my pc? Can any one help me out to resolve this issue?


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    Re: Problem with Office 2003

    Go to your security setting, it seems to be that your Macro setting is too low.

    Try to set your Macro setting to some higher extend.

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    Re: Problem with Office 2003

    You may receive this error message for the following reasons:

    • There is a compatibility problem between your antivirus program and Office.
    • The file that you are trying to open is infected with a virus that your antivirus program was unable to remove.
    • The file that you are trying to open has been damaged.

    To resolve the first two problems, you have to update your antivirus program. To resolve the third problem, you have to try to recover the file.

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    Re: Problem with Office 2003

    When you try to run office and this pops up do you let it finish or do you abort it? I'd put your Office disk in your cd-rom drive and then try and run office. Let the program find what it needs. There was a recent update to Office that required the CD.

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    Re: Problem with Office 2003

    I think there is some compatability issue withthe hardware .

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