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Thread: How to avoid the crash?

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    How to avoid the crash?

    Yesterday I had a screen of death. After reboot, I had a reply from Windows saying that I had a hardware problem, he advised me to make quick backups, and then he gave me 4 options:

    Memory (RAM)
    System board

    This morning I had to repeat myself several times to arrive at the start. When I weigh the button, I get no response, just a funny noise. This is food or something else?

    Thank you

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    Re: How to avoid the crash?

    It does not beep at startup?

    Say to know, you have to go first by changing the diet

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    Re: How to avoid the crash?

    I had this problem and it was food that was too low

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    Re: How to avoid the crash?

    Can you help me, before that nothing works?

    This morning at startup, it went normally, but the screen remained black. I heard the startup itself out, nothing on the screen. I turned off and restarted, and everything went well.

    When I weigh the button to lock, here is a funny noise. I think it's hardware, but I do not know what?

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    Re: How to avoid the crash?

    Hello, In my opinion there is either abnormal heating or a bad contact when:

    Troubleshooting initial TOUR

    1 .- Remove the cables and power cord and wait 1 / 2 hours for the condo of food. or 0V.
    2 .- Open the case and examine the fan of dirt
    - CPU
    - Housing. graphics card etc.
    - the food
    - etc.

    3 .- CLEANING: Vacuum with a brush cleaning with mid-drive by not pushing too on fan blades with the brush. Possibly remove the fan to properly clean the heatsink on the CPU.
    3b: Submit and open feeding and cleaning. and rest and close the case.
    4 .- Remove all cards and clean
    5 .- Put the card display properly plugging the bottom screw and restart the machine
    Check that all revolve ventilos
    OK if: stopping the machine and pull the cord
    6 .- Replace the cards one after the other
    Close the box. (Caution some surveillance a case of opening (to annihilate)

    Often axis ventilator not oiled properly and wears before blocking (the noise has increased dramatically since the axis starts to oscillate axially ..
    a) get a small burette low oil flow for sewing machine oil or a pure and clear.
    b) Remove the fan
    c) Clean ALL VENTILO very very well with a rag soaked in liquid washing windows.
    d) take off the sticker covering the central part by entering through a tweezers at the point of connection of the son. Preserve the sticky thread on a board or glass.
    e) Using a cutting edge not lift the rubber that protects the hub of the fan.
    g) Close everything.
    If you did it correctly no problems ...

    good luck

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