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Thread: Crackling Noise for too high Volume

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    Crackling Noise for too high Volume

    Since long time that I have this question in my head, I finally decide to speak about it.
    When I assemble the volume of my audio device (soundmax) to the top of approximately 50%, I start to receive small cracklings in background of the music. I see a barometer on the left of volume, always under the audio device, who indicates to me that the sound touches the yellow/red zone (as on old the amplifier with the needles, for those which does not visualize the thing).
    The found solution is to decrease general volume in the surrounding of 50%, as well as the volume of each front enclosure, spending 100% to 80%.
    The sound is of good quality but definitely weaker, which does not disturb me considering the power that can deliver my audio kit, Z2300, which for me is sufficient.
    Thank you in advance
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    Re: Crackling Noise for too high Volume

    I have found that on some computers the video display changing (such as dragging windows around the screen or scrolling up/down windows) can cause popping/cracking in the audio. This is an issue with the controller on the computer, not the audio device. The same thing should happen if you were using another speaker or headset.

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    Re: Crackling Noise for too high Volume

    It might be the speaker or it is broken. any smoke or smell?

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    Re: Crackling Noise for too high Volume

    Ok, this is probably irrelevant, but I had a similar problem and it was solved by lowering the master volume control for you audio device.

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    Re: Crackling Noise for too high Volume

    For those worried about distortion this is quite normal...the tweeters used in most two ways will compress at high levels. 95 db SPL at the listening position is a bit much for most consumer designs. Piano is a good way to hear it becuase the piano is a percussive instrument. This susally does not damage the tweeters...provided you don't over do it. Many people listen to this type distortion for years without realizing it....they just think the music is too loud for their ears and do not realize it is the speaker.

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