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Thread: How can to import Outlook messages into Windows Live Mail?

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    How can to import Outlook messages into Windows Live Mail?


    I try to import dbx files to windows mail
    via file / import / messages / microsoft outlook
    I am "Unable to import the messages via the MAPI client"
    and after I'm stuck . I am windows vista now.

    thank you I have to retrieve all messages from my old XP pc.

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    Re: How can to import Outlook messages into Live Mail?

    I wish that this message is a reply because I have the same problem (which is more ... with a hotmail account but say that this is another debate).
    Having a computer running Windows 98 where I used Outlook Express and my new computer with Vista, I discovered that Outlook Express no longer existed and that his successor was Windows Mail to be incompatible.

    However, it should work with the next version of Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail - now available in beta: I tried it works.
    I will wait until the beta version not because I am so sick of hack in every sense, after I make a big stupid and I'm not secure enough to repair my pc!

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    Re: How can to import Outlook messages into Live Mail?

    I've had no problem
    before I used Outlook Express and now Windows Mail on Vista
    On the first PC, I did in OE:
    File, folder, Compact All Folders
    Then I burned a CD with all the DBX files generated
    On the second PC with Windows Mail I:
    File, Import, Messages;
    I chose the option Microsoft Outlook Express 6
    Then the Import mail from a directory ...
    I said go with the right path

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