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Thread: Only audio in merged AVI videos in Windows Movie Maker

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    Only audio in merged AVI videos in Windows Movie Maker


    I am trying to edit and merge some video taken on MPEG2 format on WMM, as WMM doesn't accept MPEG2 I have to covert it to .avi through Prism Video Converter.
    This stage goes well and WMM accepts and plays the video in the preview screen.
    From there I edit and merge my vids and then save them to my computer. Again, no problems except on playback on Windows Media Player and Media Player Classic I get a black screen, the sound comes through ok and I put some JPEG pics at the end, which also came through ok, it's just the video.

    PS: When I convert the files to .avi they play on Media Player, it's only after I save them from WMM that the screen turns black.
    I have downloaded the Codec K-Lite pack, but still no good.

    Any help please as I'm heading towards a meltdown

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    Re: Windows Movie Maker

    Well this problem is due to the rendering settings when you save the movie in Movie maker you have options regarding the video settings!
    There you need to give different settings or just try to put it on high quality option & then start saving the movie I think this must solve your problem may be the size of the file you get will go around 1gb for 5 mins of footage including the pics, effects and transition!
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    Re: Windows Movie Maker

    Thanks MadJack,

    Already on high quality option and I have tried saving in all the different ways offered. At the top of the black screen I can see very narrow line with the movement from the video, but it's only a couple of mill, like it has been compressed at the top!


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    Re: Windows Movie Maker

    There is a lot to an avi file. It all depends on what encoding was used to create the file. Very likely that Movie Maker doesn't support that paticular encoding. Use AVIcodec to identify the video format and audio format of almost any video source. To see the guide on how to use it please go here:

    You can also refer the previous discussion,

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