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Thread: Mailing software

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    Mailing software

    I am looking for software that allows me to see 1 look if I have mail

    - Gmail
    - Hotmail
    - yahoo mail

    Suppliers is only 3 mails.

    Thank you!
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    Re: Mailing software

    Most messaging software is this: Thunderbird, Windows Mail, Outlook, Apple Mail, ...
    After just enabling POP access on your various addresses (see assistance from each supplier)

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    Re: Mailing software

    use WebMail Notifier, a Firefox plugin to check my Hotmail and Gmail cans.
    And there is just to configure the login and password for each box.
    Apparently there are ways to make scripts to integrate with other mail boxes.
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    Re: Mailing software

    AOL has rolled out a new version of Web Mail with enhancements to compete with web-based email majors like Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, and Hotmail. New plugins for connecting to third-party email rivals Gmail and Yahoo! Mail have been added along with a bunch of other new plugins.

    New plugins will allow access to Gmail and Yahoo! Mail from the AOL Web Mail account.
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    Re: Mailing software

    I bought a new PC that has MS office in it or well the program is there, I have Vista windows mail also. I like MS-Office mail but I can't figure out how to get mine to work? Every time I go to MS-Office it asks me to enter product key? I have no idea where to find it? I looked in systems and that key did not work. I didn't get any CD disks or anything with this PC. I wonder is there a program that is free to download that works very much like MS-Office Mail (It's setup I mean)? Or do I need to buy MS-Office Home-Student to get Office Mail ?
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    Re: Mailing software

    The key is relating to the product key of a purchased product. You most have a trial version on the computer asking you to enter a 25 digit Product Key. If you haven't purchased Office, you won't have that key. It does not come with new computers.

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    angry Re: Mailing software

    Thanks ! I believe your correct, Dang it. I thought I had MS-Office because It shows 304 MB in that folder under installed Programs and Features list. I'm sure I don't now...Okay So if I purchase the Home-Student Version will that give me the MS-Office Mail I'm wanting? Or is that one just word, excel, power-point, photo editing, etc?
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