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Thread: How to convert Divx ?

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    How to convert Divx ?

    Hello everyone!

    I have videos stored on a salon and I am looking to convert to Divx with Quick Media Converter.

    My files are on a DVD. When I explore the DVD, I RM video files and Video TS. I tried to request conversion by dragging the files onto the interface Quick MC but also in the case file that RL TS, they are not recognized (unknown format).

    Could someone tell me

    1 - what are the files RM and TS and that should convert

    2 - why these formats are not recognized.

    A very big thank you in advance for your valuable help!

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    Re: How to convert Divx ?

    formats: MOV (QuickTime), MP4 (iPod video), PSP, FLV, AVI, WMV (Windows Media player), DVD, VCD, MP3, M4A, WMA, WAV, 3GP, 3G2, MP4 (iPhone), XVID, TS (Freebox, Dreambox). You'll find the format XviD and not DivX.

    DivX is a compressed format invented in 2000 (Jerome Rota, a recognized specialist, familiar with digital video and high-tech, with solid experience in programming and electronics and has a movie license) which was inspired by the MPEG-4 codec from Microsoft. He changed successfully. It allows you to fit on a CD the contents of a DVD video (single sided).

    Or DivX and Xvid (the latter name is an anagram of DivX ... = it takes the same letters but in a different order) are not compatible ... they are competitors! Each format has its own codec (= abbreviation for coder / decoder). There are many codecs on your computer. MPEG 1 to 4 are known. DivX has its own evolving with the same name but in versions.

    To summarize

    1) if you want to convert a video file to DivX, you should take a DivX converter such as "Divx v for Windows" available in 15-day trial by clicking here.

    2) To find the video file "CONVERTER", you click on the file with the extension. RM. If it causes playback of the video is won: the video file to convert.

    3) Do not forget that you must use a video player that can play the DivX format. All players are not compatible. This is to be sure. For the PC with XP or Vista or Mac, VLC media player plays all DivX.

    Now I wish you ... a good conversion!

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    Re: How to convert Divx ?


    "Div x", a format for the future? it has the merit to exist anyway. And why is it so popular? I know, however, light, good quality, and "player" dedicated comprehensive and easy to use. Very useful anyway. Not too intrusive. And many TV turntables for the "recognition" by default, as they say .. It is considered (wrongly or rightly, therefore the majority of votes plus one) as the current standard for video compression.

    I believe that with the paid version, and not very expensive, it can also convert to other formats to hers .... not forbidden to check .... creator will now focus on issues of High Definition ...

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