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Thread: Outlook Mailbox Clean Up

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    Outlook Mailbox Clean Up

    I need to Clean Up Outlook Mailbox before doing that i want to backup of my mail folders in Outlook, i have searched everywhere for Personal Store but can't find it. Where does Outlook hide my email please tell me how to find it and clean it.
    thank you .

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    Re: Outlook Mailbox Clean Up

    for cleaning Outlook Mailbox use Outlook 2003 Mailbox Cleanup Tool

    In Outlook, Click on the Tools tab, then select Mailbox Cleanup.

    View Mailbox Size and of individual folders within it. You can use this tool to manage the size of the mailbox.

    Find items that are larger than a certain KB size or Find items older than a certain date.

    Auto Archive items. Clicking the button will archive items based on your personal settings and store the items under Archive folders in the folder list.

    View Deleted Items Size will show you the size of the folder.

    Empty your Deleted Items Folder. Emptying the deleted items folder permanently delete those items.

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    Re: Outlook Mailbox Clean Up

    The easiest and quickest way I know of is to open the "tree view" of your folders

    Each top level item, normally called "Personal Folders", or "Outlook Today", represents a separate PST. Right click on it and then select Properties

    Now click on the Advanced button

    right in the middle of everything, is the Filename, the full path, to the PST. every one will get different location.The default location under Windows XP is typically a location underneath "\Documents And Settings\username", where "username" is your Window login account name.

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    Re: Outlook Mailbox Clean Up

    The most you could do without flushing hard drive you will get all your .PST & .OST & .OAB files from the Outlook directory

    C:\Documents and Settings\"username"\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook

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