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Thread: Download Network Event Viewer Log Manager Tool

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    Download Network Event Viewer Log Manager Tool

    Network Event Viewer is a network wide event log management, monitor, consolidation, auditing and reporting tool enabling System Administrators to satisfy Sarbanes-Oxley auditing requirements while proactively managing their networks.

    Centralized Event Log Management

    The Windows operating system and many 3rd party Windows Services and applications use the Windows Event Log system to log informational, warning, and critical information used by Network Administrators to help identify application errors. Network Event Viewer real-time monitors, consolidates and archives event logs and syslogs to SQL Server, MySQL or the file system. Administrators can automatically export consolidated logs to CSV, EVT, HTML, TXT, and XML. Network Event Viewer can optionally clear event logs once archived. Use the viewer to merge multiple logs into a single view.

    Advanced Event Filtering

    Powerful filtering searches through consolidated event logs and allows you to pinpoint events of interest or remove noise. Supports simple and complex regular expression filters. Selectively flag and add notes to events of interest.

    Alerts, Notifications, and Actions

    Supports several different alerts and actions when key events are detected. Trigger actions such as sending a fully customizable email, exporting to a file, displaying a message box, playing a sound, writing key events to a user defined database table, forwarding key events to a syslog server, displaying a system tray popup message or sending a SMS notification through an email-to-SMS gateway or service.

    Automatic Report Generation

    Create scheduled reports that contain events of interest from a set of computers. For example, receive a daily report that contains a list of all failed login attempts to your domain controllers for the last 24 hours. Email report content is fully customizable through our HTML email templates.

    Quickly search your network for all domain controllers, servers, SQL Servers or workstations. Once identified, download or configure all at once.

    Event Log Consolidation and Monitoring Templates

    Configuration templates allow you to save an event log consolidation and monitoring configuration. Quickly assign configuration templates to a set of computers and logs. New computers can be automatically configured with our Active Directory Auto Configurator. When a new computer is discovered, your configuration template is assigned making log consolidation and monitoring automatic.

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    Re: Download Network Event Viewer Log Manager Tool

    Other Features

    1. Automatically archive and remove out of date entries.

    2. Receive, consolidate, and monitor syslog messages.

    3. Group computers by logical groups.

    4. Display event log entry data as HEX, ASCII, or Unicode.

    5. Automatically refreshes the current view with when new entries are downloaded.

    6. Fully customizable HTML output and email content.

    7. Automatically archives event log repository.

    8. Sends email notification when consolidation downloads fail.

    9. Supports multiple Active Directory connections.

    10. Modify Windows Event Log properties (maximum size and overwrite policy)

    11. Supports SMTP authentication.

    12. Enterprise Architecture

    Network Event Viewer is built using a Windows Service, management interface application, and tray icon application for user interface alerts. No installation requirements on remotely managed computers. Network Event Viewer uses multi-threaded code to download and filter event logs. This format enables thousands of entries to be consolidated and filtered in seconds.

    How It Works

    A Windows Service is installed which enables automatic event log consolidation, monitoring, alerting, exporting, syslog forwarding, archiving, scheduled reporting, remote event log clearing, and automatic log consolidation and monitoring for newly discovered computers. The Windows Service enables all this to occur on a Windows desktop or server while the system administrator is logged off.

    The viewer enables systems administrators to view a single log or merge multiple logs into a single view. Views can be filtered, sorted, and searched. Entries can be marked and now notes can be added for later analysis.
    Priced Competitively

    Event log manager products are typically very expensive, however; monitoring 50 computers only costs $199.95 (USD) and monitoring an unlimited number of computers only costs $299.95 (USD). Click here for detailed licensing and pricing information.

    System Requirements

    1. Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Server 2003, or Windows 2000.

    2. 512 MBs of available memory, 2 GBs suggested for large networks

    3. .Net Framework 2.0

    4. Domain administrator account

    5. Windows Management Instrumentation (client and server)

    Download for Windows Here

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