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Thread: windows installer corrupted

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    windows installer corrupted

    certain programs can be installed & some can't. i've read that the installer needs to be decrypted. anyone know how to do this?

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    sad Re: windows installer corrupted

    Me too,

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    Re: windows installer corrupted

    Download Windows Installer

    Use the Windows Installer cleanup utility to remove Windows Installer

    Install the new Window Installer.
    Corrupted Windows Installer Database (instructions there about the cleanup utility)

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    Re: windows installer corrupted

    This happens if your computer's registry becomes corrupt. Try this:;en-us;315346

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    Re: windows installer corrupted

    Cleaning up corrupt Windows Installer installations

    I ran into an issue where I got a corrupt DBXL installation which would refuse to uninstall. I have removed the virtual directory and the databases manually but Windows Installer information persisted, preventing me from reinstalling DBXL. So I searched and found Microsoft has a nice little tool for exactly this type of situation: the Windows Installer CleanUp Utility. You can find it here:

    After installing it, simply scroll down to the app that refuses to uninstall and click "Remove".

    WARNING: This does not uninstall the program but just clears the Windows Installer information. You will have to do all the manual cleanup yourself! Use it at your own risk and only as a last resort solution.

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