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Thread: Download StarOffice 9

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    Download StarOffice 9

    StarOffice 9 is the new and improved version of Sun's award winning office productivity suite that can read, edit and save Microsoft Office files. It contains full-featured applications, including word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, with version 9 adding a host of productivity and usability tools like PDF import, blogger, and a presenter (slide show) console . StarOffice 9 is available in many languages* and it offers flexibility by running on the Solaris Operating System, Microsoft Windows, Linux and now for the first time Mac OS X.

    Note: Certain features are obtained via extensions, these are not included with your StarOffice purchase but are available as free downloads from the extension repository.

    *If you are looking for StarOffice in Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, get StarSuite. It offers all of the functionality of StarOffice plus some custom features for Asian languages.

    Product details :

    StarOffice 9 Writer Word processing with support for tables, notes, table of contents, diagrams, and indexes, compatible with Microsoft Word.

    StarOffice 9 Calc Spreadsheet functionality with new chart engine, Data Pilot (pivot tables), Solver (new in v9), filters, and compatible with Microsoft Excel. Also has capability to convert some Excel macros instantly. Version 9 also adds workgroup collaboration.

    StarOffice 9 Impress Presentation tool with dozens of animation effects, Flash export and support for CustomShapes (called AutoShapes in Microsoft Office). Version 9 adds a presenter console to give more control over slide shows and native table capability (no more coping and pasting tables from a spreadsheet). Compatible with Microsoft Powerpoint

    StarOffice 9 Draw Easy-to-create organizational charts, network diagrams, floor plans and sketches, and lots more.

    StarOffice 9 Base Easily create "self-contained" database documents with all relevant data, table definitions, reports, and forms. New in v9 is a report builder for easy and fast creation of reports.

    StarOffice 9 Extensions PDF Import, Weblog Publisher (blogger), Presenter Console, Report Builder, Mediawiki Publisher, Presentation Minimizer, eFax for StarOffice

    StarOffice 9 provides:

    * Support for Mac OS X 10
    * Import of Microsoft Office 2007 XML files
    * Support of ODF 1.2
    * PDF import (extension) and export
    * Blogger, media wiki publisher for web collaboration (extensions)
    * Solver, 1024 columns, workbook sharing in Calc
    * Presenter Console (extension), native table capability and file size minimizer in Impress
    * Database report builder for fast and easy creation of database reports (extension)

    Download : Click Here

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    Re: Download StarOffice 9

    Its not free, we have to purchased it for U.S. $34.95.

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