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Thread: partitions in RAW

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    partitions in RAW

    I have 2 hard drives, a master partitioned into 2: C and D, connected in a slave SATA and partitioned into 2: E and F connected in FDI. It started with the partition D. I could not access. When I wanted to get the message: "The structure of the disc is damaged and unreadable." When I right click on the partition and properties, it appeared as blank and was passed in RAW instead of NTFS.
    Then, the partition E, was installed in place of the partition D! If I remove the second hard disk, partition E remains visible in place of the D!

    On board, I typed a chkdsk D. Here is what has occurred.

    chkdsk D: type of file system is NTFS
    the volume is Fred1
    Warning! F parameter was not specified
    chkdsk performance in read-only mode
    Table master file is damaged. abandonment of chkdsk
    I typed chkdsk F: he controlled my second hard drive "Fred 2"
    I tried to type chkdsk Fred1: he said "drive, path or name invalid"
    I typed "chkdsk C:
    He has performed several inspections. He scored:
    CHKDSK discovered free space marked as allocated in the bitmap of the Master File Table (MFT)
    Correction of errors in the map volume
    Windows has detected problems on the file system
    CHKDSK run with the / F to correct

    The next day, I realized that I could not access the partition and partition F E had taken the place of the partition D, which is that clicking on the job, I had more than partitions C and E that appeared.

    I did a chkdsk / F rebooted the PC. The chkdsk finished, a reboot the PC and another chkdsk then embarked stopped by stipulating that the master file table is damaged. Windows opened and I found that my partitions D and F are still inaccessible but reappeared and RAW.
    On board, I launched the "pted" and management of my discs
    The problem is that I do not understand these tables!
    I think the problem comes from my boot, but I'm a beginner, so I do not know what to do.
    I talked to try to restart with a boot floppy, but I do not have the steps to take, and I do not know what will happen next.
    I do not know if a formatting resolve this problem, but I absolutely do not want to lose what's on these scores.
    Someone would have a solution?
    Thank you in advance

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    Re: partitions in RAW

    With the manip below you should be able to access the contents of your first drive, but when it comes to repair if you can not start with the F8 key (line last good configuration) it will be the solution to the repair the installation CD and if you do not have a CD of resettlement may be you could take the opportunity to move to an operating system more stable> no I did not say :-)

    - My score is in RAW format:
    It is a curiously NTFS permissions.
    1) In Windows Explorer, click Tools / Folder Options and click the View tab.
    2) In the Advanced Settings section, unchecked the Use simple file sharing (recommended).
    Under Windows Home Edition, restart your computer by tapping the F8 key. By helping arrow keys on the keyboard, select the Safe Mode. Log on to the Administrator account.
    3) With the right mouse button, click the drive icon, then click the Properties and the Security tab.
    4) Click the Add / and Advanced Search.
    5) In the Name column (RDN), click your user name and then click OK twice.
    6) Select the user name you added, then check the box opposite Allow Full Control.
    7) Click the Advanced button and select the Replace permission entries on all child objects with entries shown here that apply to child objects.
    Validate twice OK, then restart.
    In other cases you must use a utility called TestDisk.
    If this does not always make the chkdsk c: / r / p from the Recovery Console.

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    Re: partitions in RAW

    But given the comments of your post your partition table damaged in the air.
    The manip indicated assumes that you can start windows.

    If it does not repair partition table is always a delicate operation.
    Before using a software I strongly advise you start by trying to recover your data for transfer to external media (key or USB disk or shared folder accessible by the network)

    (*) You can also use test disk - a bootable CD which should also help you transfer your data characters

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