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Thread: Import contacts in Outlook from Excel

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    Import contacts in Outlook from Excel

    How to import a contact list from Excel to Outlook, not putting in only one contact list and not contact by contact?

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    Dr. V Guest
    try using Excel 2000 and Outlook 2000 software .

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    can you explain me the Method . im really nob in this things

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    Dr. V Guest
    • When you are in the Excel file: add a column "Category" and put in "professional" or anything else, when it corresponds to a category in Outlook (if necessary, create front)
    • Then appoint its beach cell
    • Open Outlook Express

    If we do not want all these are scattered in "Contact" is created in it a specific folder and read the import procedure, but do not forget to mapping by clicking on the button " Custom Fields "and involve the scope category of file to the Outlook.

    • After the successful import, create a distribution list in this new folder containing the imported contacts
    • For "select new members" we will look in the folder contact sorting on the topic: all new displays
    • There is more to select the first and the last to hold the shift key: it selects all the
    • Click on "Add"

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    The Import and Export Wizard in Outlook makes it easy to import contact information from an Excel worksheet (worksheet: The primary document that you use in Excel to store and work with data. Also called a spreadsheet. A worksheet consists of cells that are organized into columns and rows; a worksheet is always stored in a workbook.) into your Outlook Contacts folder.

    1. In Outlook, on the File menu, click Import and Export.
    2. Click Import from another program or file, and then click Next.
    3. Click Microsoft Excel, and then click Next.
    4. In the File to import box, browse to find the Excel file (.xls) that contains the content you want to import.
    5. Click one of the following:
    • Replace duplicates with items imported
    • Allow duplicates to be created
    • Do not import duplicate items

    6. Click Next.
    7. In the folder list, click the Contacts folder where you want the imported contact information to go, and then click Next.
    8. To add or remove fields to determine the way the contact information is saved in the new imported file, click Map Custom Fields.

    Note The Map Custom Fields button in the Import a File dialog box might not be available when you try to import data from another program or file. In the The Following Actions Will Be Performed box, select the Import check box, and then the Map Custom Fields button is available.

    # In the From box, drag the field that you want to convert onto the Outlook field that is listed in the To box.

    Note The Name field doesn't appear in the To box, because Outlook reserves the first row of a named (name: A word or string of characters in Excel that represents a cell, range of cells, formula, or constant value.) range (range: Two or more cells on a sheet. The cells in a range can be adjacent or nonadjacent.) for field names. If the range that you import does not contain field names, the first row of data will be interpreted as field names and will not be imported as data. To make sure that all of the data in the named range is imported, use the first row for field names.

    * To see additional records in the From box, click Previous or Next.
    * To remove all mapping, click Clear Map.
    * To reset the original mapping, click Default Map.

    # To display additional fields in the To box, click the plus sign (+) next to the field. For example, to display the Business Street and Business City fields, click the plus sign (+) next to Business Address.
    9. Click Finish.

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    Re: Import contacts in Outlook from Excel

    I have tried Excel to Outlook software to import my contacts in Outlook from MS Excel File.

    This tool is simple and helped me in a great way..

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