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Thread: WebKit becomes first browser engine to fully pass Acid3 test

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    WebKit becomes first browser engine to fully pass Acid3 test

    While discussions on the performance of JavaScript engines Chrome and the next Firefox 3.1 begin to subside, the development team WebKit announced quietly that his is the only browser to pass the test Acid 3 100%.

    Already in March the developer Maciej Stachowiak announced a score of 100% test Acid 3 but if care standards was fully respected, rendering animated graphics were not fully developed. Also, according "to take the test, the browser must use its standard configuration, the animation must be fluid, the score must be 100/100"

    Indeed, the browser should not only focus on care standards, but also on performance. Although they are not strictly related to standards, it remains important to developers and users. Maciej Stachowiak explained that this step was taken "due to recent improvements rendering animations JavaScript and DOM. We can judge the performance of Webkit by downloading the latest nightly build engine via this link.

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    Finally! I say, it makes me want to try it.

    At least, there may be no tracer in this one

    And also Firefox in Webkit it would be nice

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    Acid on IE is grounded because of various standards used but on some IE is the one that allows you to browse, as safari ...

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