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Thread: MSDTC Fails to Start

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    Hobbes80 Guest

    MSDTC Fails to Start

    "Could not locate the MS DTCXA Transaction Manager Contact Object" Event ID 4197. I have scoured the web on this error and have been unable to find anything. I'm not convinced I need the process running for my server to function properly, however, this is the only server that suffers from random lockups
    of my application and this is the only error in the event logs. In addition, I'm getting Event ID: 7024 in the System Log: "The Distributed Transaction Coordinator service terminated with service-specific error 3221229627 (0xC000103B)".

    One article I read mentioned some known issues with an older version of mtxoci.dll, I'm running version 2001.12.4720.3959 on Windows 2003 x64 Standard Server, R2 with SP2. I can't find this file version referenced anywhere on technet. When trying to launch the MSDTC service, I get error code -1073737669, which
    does not show in technet either. Thanks in advance.

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    Dave Patrick Guest

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    Re: MSDTC Fails to Start

    My issues lies with firewall. I am not able use MS DTC to communicate with the other. I had gone through various steps to fix the issue, but it does not looks to be working well. I am trying to set a communication of my MS DTC with other one. But as the firewall is on it is not working. I cannot turn off the firewall for security reasons. I am getting some Error 8004d00a at the time of doing the same. I have gone through some troubleshooting articles but they are not helping much in fixing the issue. Is there anyone who is able to get rid of this error.

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    Re: MSDTC Fails to Start

    The troubleshooting steps are long. So I am giving you this link where you can find more information about fixing stuff. It is necessary that MS DTC service must be active on both the server. If it is not working in any of them then you will get the error. You need to get some new updates for your server to make it more stable. Like you can install Windows NT 4.0 SP6. There are some helpful tips available in the link that can help you to stop the error. The link also has a application which will ping DTC and let you know whether it is active or not.

    MS DTC firewall issues

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