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Thread: Unable to get desktop on Server 2003

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    Lex Elzinga Guest

    Unable to get desktop on Server 2003


    One of my servers is acting strange: I am able to log on to the server but
    the desktop doesn's shop up. When I connect to the server by RDP (not
    console) the desktop pops up and works just fine. RDP console gives the same
    error as the console.

    The only message in the system log is Application Error, Category (100),
    Event 1000: Faulting application explorer.exe, version 6.0.3790.3959,
    faulting module kernel32.dll, version 5.2.3790.4062, fault address 0x0000bee7.

    The server is running Windows Server 2003 SP2 and is up-to-date using WSUS.

    Is there a solution to my problem?

    Regards, Lex Elzinga

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    Lex Elzinga Guest

    RE: Unable to get desktop on Server 2003

    The message is not in system log but in application log.

    I tried to log on to the server using another user account. The server
    repeats telling that the administrator is logged on and does an remote
    logoff... So I am unable to logon using another user account.

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    Meinolf Weber Guest

    Re: Unable to get desktop on Server 2003

    What happens if you reboot the machine? What do you menat with the desktop
    doesn't show up? Just a blue or black window or what do you mean?

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    Lex Elzinga Guest

    Re: Unable to get desktop on Server 2003

    Is's usually when I reboot the desktop will appear. But this strange
    behavior happended twice and I want to fix the problem.

    Yes there is just a blue desktop and a mouse pointer. No reaction on
    Ctrl+Alt+Del or Ctrl+Shift+Esc.

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    Chris Guest

    Re: Unable to get desktop on Server 2003

    I have almnost the same issue, I just posted this but wanted to post here as

    I have Server 2003 standard

    Here are my symptons:
    When I logon to the my server either directly or thru remote desktop I get a
    blank desktop. If I do a ctl/alt/delete the windows security wondow comes up
    but when I select Task Manager nothing happens.

    I have tried this in normal mode and safe mode. I've also tried a last known
    good start up.

    Here is the he hisotory as it is...

    Yesterday I tried to install AVG File Server Anti Virus. Each time I tired
    it came back with corrupt setup files and wouldn't load. I started to follow
    the instructions from AVG to fix this and one them was to clean out my temps.
    I ran a program I use called CleanUp4. This just takes out cookies and temp
    files, nothing else. I've used it for years.

    I also noticed that notepad wouldn't run. I'd get a message to reinstall the

    So last night after hours I rebooted the server and here I am.

    I've been searching for a few hours now. Seems the explorere.exe may not be
    starting but with out Task Manager it is hard to work on it.

    Any ideas oth there?

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    May 2008

    empty desktop

    it happen i have the same problem on windows server, it logs on ok but nothing els can be seen explore doesn't start up any ideas safe mode its the same story, anyone with an answer to that problem.

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    Chris Guest

    Re: Unable to get desktop on Server 2003

    I finally bit the bullet and reinstalled the OS. It cured the issue and
    didn't make any changes to any other part of the server not even my active
    directory. Please keep in mind I am only running server 2003r2, no exchange

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    May 2008
    waoh i feel jelous my friend chris, how did you manage to do that, i have been husstiling for a week now and soo frustrated if you can help please i would be so o happy, my server is running a database my sql please help

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