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Thread: ntBackup event ID 8019

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    Peter Herijgers Guest

    ntBackup event ID 8019

    Does anyone know how to solve problems regarding ntBackup on a Server2003? It seems that it is not possible to create even one backup. Event IDs like 8019 will popup everytime. Especially when I setup a backup schedule. The backup will start automatically but stops immediately showing event id 8019. I can only find information on the web for an exchange server with this problem.

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    Meinolf Weber Guest

    Re: ntBackup event ID 8019

    Please give some more info about the installed software on the machine. Is Exchange installed for example?

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    Please try to take tbe backup to a local hard disk instead of to a tape media or a drive which is on remote server.

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    Re: ntBackup event ID 8019

    To fix this issue you will need to register VSS system files. For that you don't have to go with manual process. There is a hotfix available for the same. I am giving you a link below. Download the file and run the same. This hotfix will resolve the problem you are facing. You just have to run the same and you will get a proper output. This single hotfix various more issues with backup. Just try running the hotfix first and reboot the system. And then try back the process back again. If you still getting the error try to run Windows Update once.

    ntBackup VSS File Register Hotfix

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    Re: ntBackup event ID 8019

    If that hotfix does not work then you can try installing VSS update roll-up package. The roll-up package will make VSS more stable giving more proper output. It fixes a number of different problem. The package resolve start-up issues, vss snapshot problems, volume issue, etc. This works really well and has no issue with the output. Just download the package and run the same. This will be enough to fix the issue. Along-with updates you will also able to get more information on different issues that commonly appear. This single update can resolve around 7 VSS issues.

    VSS update rollup package

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