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Thread: Merge Disk / Re-partition Disk drive without formatting?

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    Bruce Powers Guest

    Merge Disk / Re-partition Disk drive without formatting?

    My server (Windows Server 2003 32xbit) is running low of disk space on
    Primary Drive C. There are 2 partitions on the physical drive:
    Drive C (12GB) for the operating system and Apps
    Drvie D (136GB) for data.
    Is there a way (or any 3rd party applicaiton) to merge this C partition with
    D or repartition the hard disk without reformating the drive?

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    Dooges Guest
    Partition Magic used to be able to resize and merge partitions. I haven't
    used it in quite awhile but it was a pretty decent tool back in the day... I
    think Symantec owns it now.

    To recoup some space on C: in the interim you can move the pagefile to the
    D: partition... might give you a gig or two of breathing room.

    I would look into Acronis Disk Director...

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    Pegasus \(MVP\) Guest
    Acronis Disk Director can do it. You could
    also boot the server with a Bart PE Boot CD and use robocopy.exe
    to copy the whole disk to a spare disk before repartitioning it.
    Whichever method you use, make sure to take a full backup first
    and to test the backup on a spare disk. Partitioning tools work
    most of the time but not every time. Better safe than sorry . . .

    You may choose some famous software to help you, such as Partition magic, EASEUS Partition Manager. However, you should tell whether your computer is server or not because Partition magic does not support server and it can not be updated for a period of time.

    Partition Magic can not work with Server. EASEUS Partition Manager Server Edition can not directly merge two partitions, but you can achieve it after several steps: backup your data on D: drive; delete D: drive, then get some unallocated space; resize your C: drive with these unallocated space; apply. Then you 'merge' your two partitions.

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    Lanwench [MVP - Exchange] Guest
    you're replying to an old/stale post. Try using a newsreader instead of
    the forum interface you're using and you'll have a much better experience.
    The MS public news server is

    (And your answer wouldn't work with basic disks, btw)

    Nothing to do with Windows Server - best to check the Easus FAQs.

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    Re: Merge Disk / Re-partition Disk drive without formatting?

    I experienced the same problem,and I chosed Easeus parition master to slove the problem. It have done a good job on my server, Now you can aslo shrink D and enlarge the OS partition without reboot, avoid downtime, say nothing of resizng partitions, I think this is helpful

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    Yes, I used EASEUS Partition Master too, it is easy to repartition a disk without formatting, no need to reboot and no data loss. Beautiful, it is a great partition tool.

    I have a 500GB HDD, there are two partitions, C is OS drive, D is a data drive, there is some unallocated space behind D. I want to add this unallocated space to the C drive. Whatever I do, i cannot add this unallocated space to the C drive. How to do it with easeus partition master?

    I like to use easeus partition master to resize partitions, especially resize windows server 2003 partitions.
    In fact, it is very simple. You need to drag D drive to the end of HDD, and then there will be some unallocated space next to the C drive. After that, you can add this unallocated space to the C drive without problem.

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    Re: Merge Disk / Re-partition Disk drive without formatting?

    I found almost all of the partition management software method of operation is sameness. Partition Assistant Server Edition can repartition on your disk without reboot computer. It also provides virtual pre-execution, preview any operations before apply to the disk.

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