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Thread: Installation of SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition

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    Jochen Rieseberg Guest

    Installation of SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition

    Hello you all,

    we try to install SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition on a Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition and get just at start of Setup the following Error message: 'Your operating system does not meet Service Pack level requirements for this SQL Server release. Install the Service Pack from the Microsoft Download Center at, and then run SQL Server Setup again.' But our Server is on the last level - or seems to be? Does anybody have an idea what we could do?

    Jochen Rieseberg

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    Lanwench [MVP - Exchange] Guest

    Re: Installation of SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition

    What SP do you have on Windows 2003? Start | run | winver <enter> is a quick way to check. I don't know whether Win2003SP2 causes problems with SQL, but I know it causes problems with some other things (hence, I'm not putting it on my servers yet) - but you will probably get more expert help in a SQL newsgroup.

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    Re: Installation of SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition

    Download and install Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 in your system. The link is provided below. Once you are done with the setup then go ahead with further installation. This will be enough to fix the problem you are facing. It is always recommended to go ahead with the updated version. As it keeps your system secure from many things. This SP1 make your server more secure and will also help you to deal with various vulnerabilities. So just try this setup first and see what kind of output you are getting. And post back if you are having any more errors.

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    Re: Installation of SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition

    This looks some kind of serious bug in the system. Due to which it is not getting off so easily. I am here trying to go ahead with both RTM and SP1 SBS setup. But that does not looks to be working so well. I am not able understand where the problem actually lies. I have a slip-streamed operating system which is specifically configured for my network. I had removed a tons of thing from the same to make it more light. And added SP1 in the same. But somehow the same also fails. I thought atleast this process will work but that also does not help much.

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