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Thread: Resize partition on Windows 2003 server urgent!!!!

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    Jason Guest

    Resize partition on Windows 2003 server urgent!!!!

    I have a Windows 2003 server with dynamic disks.C partition is also on
    dynamic disk and it's running out of space.Is there any way or software to
    resize partition on dynamic disks?Any help will be great

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    NeilH Guest
    Yes, use Google and you will find the answer (Hint - FAQ)

    Be careful when buying such items as many of them will NOT work on a
    "Server" class machine, or have a (much) more expensive version for

    Partition Magic is one such but I am not offering either a recommendation
    OR a criticism.

    You might want to look into using diskpart.exe.

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    Joshua Bolton Guest
    having researched this there are NO resize products that work with dynamic
    partitions. You can plan on a backup, wipe to basic, reinstall, restore.
    Gives you the perfect opportunity to size correctly. Foresight instead of

    you can also use a third party software such as Paragon Partition
    Manager Professional. It can covert dynamic disk into basic as one of
    its functions. After that you can easily enlarge your system partition
    and convert it back to dynamic via Windows Disk Management tool.
    Anyway you will be protected from any issues by Paragon support. I'm
    using their products for 3 years already and absolutely pleased with

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    Pegasus \(MVP\) Guest

    Re: Resize partition on Windows 2003 server urgent!!!!

    I agree with Joshua's opinion. However, before you embark
    on a full backup/rebuild exercise, you could try this unsupported
    no-risk option:
    1. Using a partition table editor such as ptedit.exe, revert
    the system partition to "basic". This operation is safe
    because it is completely reversible. If you have used any
    features that are specific to dynamic disks then these
    features will no longer be available.
    2. Boot the machine with a Bart PE boot CD.
    3. Use xcopy.exe with the appropriate switches to copy the
    system partition to a formatted active partition on a spare
    disk. Make this partition sufficiently large!
    4. Disconnect the old disk, then boot the machine with the
    spare disk. If it works, great! If it does not work, perform
    the reverse of Step 1.

    If you don't have a Bart PE boot CD then it's time to make
    one. In the meantime you can perform Step 3 while both
    disks are installed as slave disks in some WinXP PC.

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    stella Guest
    There are some info I picked up from website:

    1. Without partition software. You can resize other partitions, just not the boot partition which is the one that the Windows server 2003 files are located on. To resize it, use the disk configuration tool after starting up with the 2003 disk. You'll have to reinstall when you do this.

    2. There is no free windows server 2003 partition software, there are two great partition software for windows server 2003.

    * Partition Magic will do not the trick. Use Norton Ghost to copy the partition onto another HD, and uninstall your Windows Server 2003. Then install Windows Operating System which Partition Magic supported, such as Windows 2000, XP.
    * EASEUS Partition Manager has the same functions, and as you know, partition magic has stopped upgrading, so this might be your best choice. Notice, you need to use EASEUS Partition Manager Server Edition - windows server 2003 supported. This partition software can help you repartition easily under windows server 2003.

    I can say this is a crazy idea, you are a lucky begger, before suffering from this convertion by Paragon, I wish it helps me,too, but... it crashed my computer. So I turned to other like easeus, the new 4.x version helped me copy the system volume to a basic disk, after resized on the basic, i can retain basic or convert to dynamic again. I think this is the safest choice.
    BTY, there is details

    I tried this copy dynamic funtion and completed finally. I can say this is a bit inconvenient. I have to copy to another disk and replace the source. but i think this is safe, as I heard many times that some people convert dynamic volume to basic directly but failed and crashed the OS, garbage
    Rather than crahsed OS and reinstall, I like to use easeu

    There is no software to resize a partition on dynamic disks. Acronis Disk Director claimed on his website that dynamic disk is not supported. Paragon PM said it supports dynamic disk, however dont get confused. Paragon only supports to copy dynamic disk, revert the file system of dynamic disk, convert dynamic disk to basic disk... not to resize partition directly on dynamic disk.

    Dynamic disk is sort of an intricate and difficult problem in disk management. Actually to resize the partition on dynamic disk, there are two ways. One is to delete a partition on dynamic disk, then build spanned volume with the c drive to extend partition. If not, then you need to copy the whole disk on a basic disk(or you may also try Paragon PM to convert dynamic disk to basic disk, however it looks like 10% chance of crash. If you did backup, then it is okay.)

    The resizing partition on dynamic disk should be transferred to the basic disk. It is the rule. Once the dynamic disk turned out to be the basic disk, then you can resize the boot partition on the basic disk, which is of no data loss. May I recommend a detailed step by step tutorial to resize partition

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    you may find way here:
    Extend Partition

    I hear other tool can convert the dynamic disk to the basic disk directly, although it takes less time, but there is high risk of data loss. I like to use partition master to copy the dynamic disk to the basic disk and then resize on the basic disk, no data loss, it is very safe.

    I agree with this idea, although it is complex, but it is safe. I would like to choose easeus partition master to resize dynamic disks better.

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    Re: Resize partition on Windows 2003 server urgent!!!!

    There is no partition software could resize dynamic disk volumes, spams

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    Microgood Guest

    Re: Resize partition on Windows 2003 server urgent!!!!

    Yes, no software could resize dynamic disk, but you can convert dynamic disk to basic, then you can resize the partitions. Good news to Server users, you can shrink and extend dynamic disk volume under Server 2008 disk management. This is the only feature of Windows DM that is better than third party tools.

    For basic disks, it is easy to resize and extend partitions. How to extend C drive on Windows 2003 Server

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    Microgood Guest

    Re: Resize partition on Windows 2003 server urgent!!!!

    Any one, agree with me?

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    Re: Resize partition on Windows 2003 server urgent!!!!

    1. Boot with BartPE
    2. Open command window
    3. type "diskpart"
    4. type select vol n (n is your vol number. type "list vol" to see correct number
    5. type "extend"
    6. reboot

    I worked for me (w2k3 sp2)

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