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Thread: Is it safe to delete prf*.tmp files in roaming profiles

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    Is it safe to delete prf*.tmp files in roaming profiles


    I found prf*.tmp files in user profiles, Microsoft's kbase explains the behavior( ). Each of my user has 100 megs worth of prf*.tmp files in their profiles, especially in their outlook or outlook express folder.

    1) is it safe to delete the prf*.tmp as its hogging too much space in my file server ?
    2) is there any way to stop windows from creating those .tmp files to save all the trouble?

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    RE: Is it safe to delete prf*.tmp files in roaming profiles

    The article you posted has some great issue on how to troubleshoot what is causing their creation and (therefore) how to avoid them getting created in the future. If they are in your Outlook/Outlook express directories they are probably from Outlook not releasing its PSTs/OSTs in time; if that's the case your
    users could probably avoid their creation by just closing Outlook before logging off... And yes it's generally safe to delete them.

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    Re: Is it safe to delete prf*.tmp files in roaming profiles

    My issue is somewhat related to prf*.tmp files. In my cause I can see many additional .tmp Files in Roaming Profile. How does this keeps on coming on its own and does removing them will cause any problem. There is always a doubt about touching any configuration files. Because there can be consequences later on. As per my experience it will be safe to remove this files. They will be regenerated back again. I ran disk cleanup at a regular time interval to ensure that my system performance is maintained properly.

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    Re: Is it safe to delete prf*.tmp files in roaming profiles

    The cause of this problem is due to indexing service. If not then there can be some other process also which is causing the same problem. Any service or indexing service is causing issue with roaming profile. This is affecting profile synchronization. Due to this temp file swill not he deleted. You will need to upload the roaming profile at the time of log off. And then reconcile the same and log on once again. Sometime a security software in your system also cause the same issue. At the time of making changes just turn that thing off.

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