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Thread: Remote Desktop connection to Server 2003 Console using Windows Mobile

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    Remote Desktop connection to Server 2003 Console using Windows Mobile

    Right I own 2 Windows mobiles, in that one is running version 5 and the other one is running version 6. I am looking forward to connect to the MS Server 2003 console. Does anyone know how to make a Remote desktop connection directly to the Server 2003 console?

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    Re: Remote Desktop connection to Server 2003 Console using Windows Mobile

    RDP is getting rather long and for that you need to pass through the firewalls and routers. While connecting the mobile, you will get problem with serial, Bluetooth or some network connection. In order to logon as the 'console' user, you might need to parameter for mstsc.exe. For that open the command prompt and type in mstsc /h to see the help. It would be something like MSTSC /ADMIN /V:YOURSERVERNAME or MSTSC /CONSOLE /V:YOURSERVERNAME. In the server side go to Settings > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Terminal Services Configuration > Server Settings > Restrict each user to one session. After that use your Windows mobile RDP console to log-on.

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    Re: Remote Desktop connection to Server 2003 Console using Windows Mobile

    As far as I know that several Windows Mobile devices come with Remote Desktop. You can find it in Programs menu. If it not present there, you can have it anytime from any third party site or from XDA. RDP is a great tool on phone but it needs some tough configuration, in fact somewhat challenging. For this you might need to enable Port Forwarding. To do this:
    • GEt host computer's local IP address by going Start>Run>CMD. Then type "ipconfig". The IP4 is the address.
    • Now open a web browser, and type to access router. Enter username and password to login.
    • Go to port forwarding in the control panel and a new entry. Use local IP address and the start/end port of 3389.
    • Now open RDP app on your phone and connect using non-local IP address as the computer name

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    Re: Remote Desktop connection to Server 2003 Console using Windows Mobile

    I have heard that using Windows mobile phone or client, there is no way you can connect to or do the /admin /console switch. If you really want to connect, you might need to use some third party app for console access. It would have helpful if windows built it as a default client. Windows mobile RDP client w/out a console switch is useless. As an alternative you can try the VNC client as I think. I had the same concerns on four Windows 2003 servers. In "Device Manager / Display adapters", I had two cards for VNC. I have it disabled. Since I can again connect to the console through Remote Desktop (mstsc / admin). Recently I have installed the service pack 2 for my Windows Server 2003 and in the Windows mobile, I have installed the resco file explorer. But no matter what I do cannot log in win 2003 server with windows sbs with handheld

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    Re: Remote Desktop connection to Server 2003 Console using Windows Mobile

    Windows Mobile cannot connect via MAPI, would be possible IMAP4, POP3, and (to prefer) Exchange ActiveSync. Most problems occur repeatedly in connection with certificates. Basic things to follow:
    • Need to increase the connection timeout on the IIS server ActiveSync bringing it to 900 ms
    • It should enable sending direct messages. To do this, open the console Exchange administration; under "Global Settings Mobile Services" open the properties. Check the option "" Enable Direct Push over http (s).” - You must configure the Windows mobile 5.0 activesync option Ace item arrives

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