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Thread: Lost connection with WHS2003R ASUS TS Mini Home Server and unable to find it on Home Network

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    Lost connection with WHS2003R ASUS TS Mini Home Server and unable to find it on Home Network

    I have comprised and been working with this ASUS TS Mini HomeServer, in this I am working with WHS 2003R on my home network and it was working well until I had recently upgraded the Cisco WRT610N wireless router to the Cisco E4200 Wireless Router. My homeserver correlation to my SSID on the home network was missing and I have comprised and been attempting to locate the TS Mini homserver on my network, additional than it does not display. Beneath the E4200 URL organization tab I run a Diagnostic Ping and the homerserver take delivery of 5 packets through 0 errors and an IP address comes into view, additional than neither my ISP, my Cisco Tech holds up, nor the ASUS Tech support are giving no matter what additional than the grief in resolving the correlation issue. None recognize responsibility, nor are helpful in recognize what the problem is or how to fix it. I have comprised thousands of photos on the server which I desire to reconnect to it was sustained and maintained to assist me to maintain a backup of my photos which at present I have lost and desperately attempting to fix the issue. Does anybody have comprised several ideas how I be able to even begin to troubleshoot this.

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    Re: Lost connection with WHS2003R ASUS TS Mini Home Server and unable to find it on Home Network

    I am in addition experiencing errors in endeavoring to join my other systems to the Windows 7 Ultimate HomeGroup function. I persist to receive error that to facilitate the IPv6 is not facilitated, and be obliged to enable IPv6 to join or generate a HomeGroup. Previous to upgrading to the E4200 my HomeGroup correlations worked extremely well. I do not understand. My query might be confusing. Additional than the basic problem is the lost correlation to my ASUS TS mini Homeserver. The Windows Home Server connection software not be able to locate my server on the home network. The Disk 2 is the Server Recovery Disk, and subsequent to in conclusion receiving the server to display a blinking organge led which is indicating it is in reset mode I used to work with the WHS connector software additional than it does not position the server on the home network. Neither mechanically nor physically. The server does not come into view to the software. Additional than, working with a Diagnostic Ping commencing from the Router Administration tab in the router web pages there is a victorious ping for the <homeservername>.homeserver dot com address demonstrating a winning packet transmission sent and received displaying a IP address. Even if I endeavor to connect to the IP address it is not successful.

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    Re: Lost connection with WHS2003R ASUS TS Mini Home Server and unable to find it on Home Network

    I am to some extent confused regarding your actual issue. You talk regarding your home network additional than are requesting hold up commencing from your ISP the two are not interrelated. What occurs if you utilize a web browser on a local client and endeavor it http://<server IP address commencing from diagnostic ping. Be able to you in addition ping the server at the similar IP commencing from a client what occurs if you ping the server name. Did you have comprised and shared your folders mapped on a client. Then you have to endeavor mapping <servername/photos> or <IP address/photos> and observe what happens.

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    Re: Lost connection with WHS2003R ASUS TS Mini Home Server and unable to find it on Home Network

    I was also having the similar fine of issue. Thanks for the reply. Additional than I have recently tried what you suggest. I had received an broken web page that with the intention of to facilitate requests diagnose connection. I request information in sequence from the ISP for the reason that of how my home networks from side to side my router (Linksys E4200v1) has been responding. I had shared folders mapped out. Commencing from my wireless client I tranquil reflect the link in the Libraries additional than the connection illustrates zero items.

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    Re: Lost connection with WHS2003R ASUS TS Mini Home Server and unable to find it on Home Network

    A number of random thoughts. Have you attempted powering your TS Mini off and back on the entire in excess off again. Did you have setup your TS Mini to utilize a static IP address. Have you attempting to go back to your old ways to your previous router to observe if you be able to on one occasion the entire again observe the WHS. This feels similar to a predicament resolving the WHS name to an IP address. I in addition run a TS Mini and have comprised it and set for static IP addressing. As I recall, I did that to facilitate as fraction of setting it up for remote to have right of entry. If I had revolutionize the routers and the domain changes commencing from 192.168.0 to 192.168.1 I have to modify the IP address for the TS Mini, etc.

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    Re: Lost connection with WHS2003R ASUS TS Mini Home Server and unable to find it on Home Network

    The Domain joined clients be able to tranquil have right of entry Windows Home Server, back up to Windows Home Server, etc. The Windows Home Server itself not be able to contribute in the domain, on the other hand. There is extremely little obtainable. The Avast has a product. FSecure in addition has one, I imagine. The Clamwin determine to run, as will Bitdefender. The Mcafee has incredible, additional I do not believe it's obtainable separate commencing from an OEM server that to facilitate comes through it. You be able to copy data to commencing from the server shares. There is no hold up or even practical the method to back the complete server up; it might require imaging the entire server at one time at the same time as Windows Home Server itself had been quiesced and then restoring the complete image in one shot. Not that I be familiar with it off, other than there are a number of blogs that to facilitate and discuss the characteristic sets of the assortment of OEM offerings.

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