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Thread: Mapping a Network drive.

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    Mapping a Network drive.

    Ok got a problem and for the life of me i cant figure it out..

    Basicly we have a server wth over 50 users( i know quite small).. We run a roser billing program the needs to transmit to medicare via a fax line. Only two people use this program and they share the same user name lets called it Part B.

    setup is sorta hard to explain and i`d confuse anyone trying to read this but basicly what I need is a way to xcopy 1 file from the server to a desktop computer. This file is then transmitted via fax. I know how to write basic batch file to get it to work under 1 user. this user has to be sitting at the computer that does the transmitting. I have it copying by using this line.

    C:\WINDOWS\system32\xcopy F:\WINPCACE\BSTRANS.DAT S:\pcace

    S: drive is the mapped drive on the computer that uses to transmit. This works file if person A who is sitting at this computer wants to transmit.

    But if client B wants to sent this file to clients A harddrive(S:) it canot be found on the TS.. The only network drive that is there is from there own computer.. So the question is.... How can I get clients A S drive to be sharded through out the server or alteat just to clients bs desktop on the server....


    Hope this want so confusing =)

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    Re: Mapping a Network drive.

    Your setup is a bit complicated. It is possible to do what you are asking. What I understand from your question is that you want to see Desktop's A Shared Drive on Desktop B. So based on some assumption I can provide you two solutions.

    Assumption 1 : The S drive is a part of Desktop A Not the Server.
    In this case you will need to provide access to Desktop B on LAN. User account has limited privileges. You can try navigating the Drive from Network places (if you are using Windows Server). Before that you will need Share the S drive on Network by rightclicking on it and allowing all or only Desktop B to have access.

    Assumption 2 : The S Drive is a part of Server not Desktop A.
    Under this you just need to set the Shared permission for Desktop B. And then from Windows Explorer you can Map a Network drive.

    I hope this will be a bit helpful for you.

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    Re: Mapping a Network drive.

    Thanks.. come to find out... There firing one of people that use the program... I only need to computer A to work =) but thanks for the help

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