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Thread: DNS resolution between child and parent domain

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    DNS resolution between child and parent domain


    I've created a child domain (2k8 R2) and created a conditional forwarder to my parent domain (2k3). My child domain is also an AD site (not that it should change anything) now when I ping from my child domain a DC in the parent domain it resolves with only the name dc dont need the whole However on the parent side when I try to ping the child dc I need to add dc.child to be able to ping it (not just dc like on the child side) Now my question is: is this normal or should I be able to ping just the dc from both the parent and child domain?

    dcdiag /test:dns show no errors on both the child and parent domain.

    Thanks in advance for any help provided and keep up the good work very nice knowledge base you have here!

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    Re: DNS resolution between child and parent domain

    Unless and until you are not facing any kind of errors you do not need to worry about the same. What I had seen that to ping a child domain you need to ping and to ping parent you have to ping This is the way I think it works.

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