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Thread: WSUS on DC in windows server 2008 and 2003

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    WSUS on DC in windows server 2008 and 2003

    We are having following configuration under DC 2003 server and A server for automatic updates in 2008 Server My question is: How do I add my computers in my WSUS DC 2003 and 2008, or learn how to use the WSUS client for their update? I have watched a lot of tutorials but nothing matches what type of problem. Now I am posting my problem on this forum and hoping that I will get the solution for this problem if you have any relevant solution then do let me know about that. I will be waiting for the related reply.

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    Re: WSUS on DC in windows server 2008 and 2003

    Even if the WSUS is under 2008, this does not change its operation compared to a WSUS on 2003. In your case, you need only set the WSUS group policy on your domain so that the Windows Update client to your client point to the WSUS server 2008. Indeed you to apply a GPO to a test group, indicating WSUS:8530 and activating the automatic update. When I use the software to test connection between my client and WSUS, you have to disable UseWuServer. You will also required to put the "UseWUServer" to 1 in [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Policies \ Microsoft \ Windows \ WindowsUpdate]

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    Re: WSUS on DC in windows server 2008 and 2003

    From the desktop, do you manage to get connected to wsus:8530 from an IE browser. Use port 8530 or port 80, because, if you choose the default website, it will use port 80. You do not normally touch the registry to configure your WSUS, everything is done via GPO at Computer Configuration / (Strategies) / Administrative Templates / Windows Components / Windows Update. I am sure that if you follow these steps you will get the solution that you are searching for. But if you have any other issue then do let me know about that.

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    Re: WSUS on DC in windows server 2008 and 2003

    I use port 8530, Indeed I had not thought through the client tested wsus:8530 and I get this error:
    Server Error
    403 - Forbidden: Access is denied.
    You Do not Have permission to view this directory or page using The credentials That You Supplied.
    </ Fieldset>
    and on the same server:
    <fieldset> <legend> Error Summary </ legend>
    Server Error in Application "WSUS ADMINISTRATION"

    HTTP Error 403.14 - Forbidden
    The Web Server is configured to not list The contents of this directory.
    </ Fieldset>
    Detailed Error <fieldset> <legend> Information </ legend> Module DirectoryListingModule
    Notification ExecuteRequestHandler
    Handler StaticFile
    Error Code 0x00000000
    Requested URL serveur:8530
    Physical Path C: \ Program Files \ Update Services \ WebServices \ Root
    Logon Method Anonymous
    User Logon Anonymous

    </ Fieldset>

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    Re: WSUS on DC in windows server 2008 and 2003

    You can check the option of exploring the site via the browser was already to confirm that this test worked. In your case, you can confirm that your GPO is applied correctly and well defined at the OU your computer and not your users? RSOP.MSC on a post confirms that the GPO applies correctly? Double checked and everything is correct, it is applied to the computer. Try with GPResult / V and there it appears in "applied". In windows server 2008 is not the WSUS DC, DC in 2003, I do not think it will change anything.

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    Re: WSUS on DC in windows server 2008 and 2003

    The problem really seems to come from a strategy not used (or overwritten by a strategy deleting this setting?) Moreover, if there is no key "Windows Update", this means that no group policy changing this setting is applied (at least from the perspective of the system). You can watch if you have any errors relating to the implementation of strategies to your client? Can you also give us a print screen strategies edited and from that thing it will be edited. If you have any other issue then do let me know about that, I am ready to help you for the problem that you are facing.

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