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Thread: User cannot access file on file server Windows 2008

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    User cannot access file on file server Windows 2008

    I have a user with a very strange problem. Environment: Client: Windows 7 (64 bit), Office 2010. File Server: Windows 2008 R2. Created the user X in a share a file, user can delete those files but cannot open or copy the files because they are getting access denied error. Old user can access the files without any problem. These are the things that I have tried to do, create the group policies for user and also disabled the client. I have also released the authorization and also provided full access for the file permission of user X. Can anyone provide any solution for the problem I am facing or can give any suggestion related to this problem?

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    Re: User cannot access file on file server Windows 2008

    According to me a user is denied access for any shared folder. You can apply the share and NTFS permissions for a folder. It will better if you share the permissions but the thing is that NTFS permissions behave in a different manner. If you want to examine the user group and share permissions that is on the shared folder then you can follow these steps. You can right click on the shared folder that you want to examine and then you can click properties. After that you have to click on sharing tab and then you have to click on permissions. You just need to examine the settings that are opposing the permission that you desire.

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    Re: User cannot access file on file server Windows 2008

    Thanks for the reply. I've already checked everything, the user has the permissions. It is remarkable above all the problem is that user is not able to open the files but he is able to create or delete the files. If a user is saving file on the network then in future he is not able to open the file. On a share permissions are set on one group. And user is a member of the group. All other group members are able to perform their work in normal way but user x is not able to do so. Anyways thanks for the reply if you have any other idea then please let me know about that. Any related reply will be appreciated.

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    Re: User cannot access file on file server Windows 2008

    I was also facing similar problem, I thought that this problem is related to any kind of virus. But unfortunately, no. Even a complete reinstall with a new profile took only about 1 day a bit. I had quickly got the problem resolved but have nil. Today (after a day of trouble-free performance) problems were the same then on again. The user is getting similar message of access denied. Checking this thing for virus is my thought but I was not able to solve the problem. If any of you get the solution for the problem then let me know about that.

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