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Thread: Hotfix for Windows XP KB954550-v5

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    Peter Lewis Guest

    Hotfix for Windows XP KB954550-v5

    I have a Windows Server 2003 SBS.

    Yesterday I installed, according to recommendation by Windows Updates:

    a. Hotfix for Windows XP KB954550-v5**
    b. .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 and .NET Framework 3.5 Family Update
    for .... KB961847.

    I didn't realize it's "for Windows XP". Anyway, the first one went
    through**. The second one failed.

    (**I am assuming this was the patch I installed by looking at Control
    Panel Add/Remove Programs. I didn't notice it while installing.
    However, Windows Update website history does not list this patch. In
    other words Add/Remove Programs is different from Windows Update web

    After rebooting, it looked ok. And then I retried the second patch
    again today. It failed again. The logs say it is not installed. But
    now, the server now is totally unstable. It may suddenly freeze after
    some minutes or after some hours. No error message, no BSOD. It just

    What can I do? Is the Hotfix for Windows XP the problem? Why is an
    XP patch appllied to my Server?

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    chris Guest

    RE: Hotfix for Windows XP KB954550-v5

    I also would like to know what this patch is. We are experiencing an IIS
    related problem after this patch got applied and can't find any information
    about it.

    Also, Add / Remove programs doesn't allow us to uninstall.

    It also didn't create an uninstall patch directory in C:\Windows.

    What's going on with this?

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    speshul Guest

    RE: Hotfix for Windows XP KB954550-v5

    Oddly enough, I find a bunch of "illegal" paths for this Hotfix in my

    XP\SP4\KB954550-v5\Filelist\ and then in a bunch of folders labeled "1",
    "10", "4" etc. there is "Name: Location Type: REG_SZ Data:

    There is no such directory on my D: drive, not even with "show hidden
    folders" turned on in Explorer. Needless to say "\..\" as part of a path is
    strictly disallowed if I am not mistaken.

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    Apr 2010

    Re: Hotfix for Windows XP KB954550-v5

    I find it odd, that after removing .net framework from my computer, and re-configured my updates, that through my anti-virus, hotfix kb954550-v5, was downloaded as an update! Then I'm told I can't remove it..what's going on?

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    Re: Hotfix for Windows XP KB954550-v5

    Yes I know you can't remove this hotfix, it tells you that on the download site, it tells you it can't be removed nor will it be able to be removed from add and remove programs in your control panel. I have been looking to see if this is a needed patch but all I seem to hear is bad stuff! I should tell you to download the Belarc Adviser program, it will read everything you have on your system, it scans your PC and displays your info right then and there, that is how I found I didn't have this patch, it shows in the Belarc the patch with a red X next to it, which means I don't have it loaded. The Belarc Adviser has been more than useful to me for over a decade, when something goes wrong and you need drivers to ( let's say you lost control over your CD read/write hardware and you need the name and make of that unit, Belarc tells you name who made it and everything about it. Much better than what is stored on your PC from the factory when you look at systems on your PC, that is not enough info for real knowledge for what your system is. I pray this helps you, you can find this program just by using your seach engine and typing in Belarc Adviser, you will get links all about it and were to download it, and don't worry, your info is not shared or stored anywhere unless you save the info. It has no robots, spyware/malware or viruses it is just a great little program that tells you what you have running on your PC and it also tells you what you are missing, good program. God Bless good luck. E

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