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Thread: Server 2008 - Removing Non-Existing Network Adapters - Registry

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    Brock Hensley Guest
    On a 2008 Virtual Machine, I am modifying the network card settings - I
    basically have had to remove and add new cards several times - and now I am
    not able to rename my network connection to the original name:

    "cannot rename this connection. a connection with the name you specified
    already exists."

    I've looked in the Device Manager for the old NICs, but even with "Show
    Hidden Devices" enabled, the old NICs aren't shown.

    Anyone know the registry keys I am looking for?

    Found the answer, I had tried this earlier but didn't run the command in an
    elevated command prompt :-x

    The following procedure will show no-longer-connected devices in Device
    Manager for Server 2008.

    1) Open a command window with elevated privileges (Start -> Right-click
    "Command Prompt", select "Run as Administrator")

    2) In the command window, execute the following commands:



    The second command starts the Device Manager. It MUST be started from the
    elevated-privilege command window for this procedure to work.

    3) In Device Manager, click the VIEW menu item and select "Show hidden

    This should show any hidden devices. For network adapters, expand the
    network adapters node. Right-Click any device you wish to remove, and click

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    Re: Server 2008 - Removing Non-Existing Network Adapters - Registry

    That worked! Thanks a bunch!!!!!

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