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Thread: Server 2008 DC FSMO roles

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    Zaz Guest

    Server 2008 DC FSMO roles

    Are there such FSMO roles on a Server 2008 DC? I have successfully added an
    additional Server 2008 as a DC into a Windows 2003 domain. My other DC is
    running Windows 2003 R2. Is there such a route to transfer FSMO roles to the
    new windows 2008 DC?

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    Meinolf Weber Guest
    Hello zaz,

    You can transfer the FSMO roles to the 2008 DC, see here:

    Ofcourse regsvr32 is 32bit. You didn't mention 64bit. There you can use the
    ntdsutil command line tool for that.

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    Zaz Guest

    Re: Server 2008 DC FSMO roles

    OK done that. Only difference is that you cannot run the 'regsvr32
    schmmgmt.dll' on a 64bit system. So I went to to the windows 2003 server and
    did it here and connected to the server 2008 system on schema snap-in and
    transferred ok.

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    Dec 2009

    Re: Server 2008 DC FSMO roles


    I,m looking for an easy way to tranfer the domein controller and setting from my old server running windows 2003 to the same operating system but new server, I got programs running on the old server to erase computers trough the network its all I want to do, the server works as stand alone I just need to tranfer the domain controller with the Node to let computers startup my program.

    Thx for help!

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    Meinolf Weber [MVP-DS] Guest

    Re: Server 2008 DC FSMO roles

    Hello Dewippe,

    Install an additional DC to the existing domain and move the FSMO roles to
    the new installed server, make it Global catalog and DNS server. Then reconfigure
    all machines to use the new DC/DNS as preferred DNS on the NIC.

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