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Thread: Cannot copy <filename> path is too deep

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    AU Guest

    Cannot copy <filename> path is too deep


    I am experiencing this problem on a Windows 2003 R2 SP2 server, the
    file/folder character length are less than 255.

    The clients OS vary from Windows XP to Vista, if I am on my domain
    controller and i try to move a big file to my storage server (the one
    experiencing the problem) I get this error.
    This is happening every time and to everyone, files can vary from 30MB onward.

    Any idea why guys?

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    Meinolf Weber Guest

    Re: Cannot copy <filename> path is too deep

    Hello AU,

    Have a look here for starting:

    Are your drives NTFS formatted?

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    Re: Cannot copy <filename> path is too deep

    This is a Windows* OS/file system issue.The cause is directory paths on the drive is longer than 255 characters (including spaces).There's a lot of additional softwares which can fix this problem like Long Path Tool.

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