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Thread: Low Disk Space on Server 2003 SP2

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    master_yoda Guest

    Low Disk Space on Server 2003 SP2

    Existing server at the company I am at was set up with a 12GB C partition and
    is down to less than 4GB. I have tried cleaning up as much as possible, but I
    am barely above 4.5GB now. Much of the disk space being used is in the
    service pack and update un-installation folders located under the Windows
    folder, all the names are preceded with a $. Are these safe to just highlight
    and shift-delete, or is there a safe way of removing or archiving them. I
    have plenty of disk space in other partitions.

    On the same note, are there any reliable utilities out there for safely
    re-sizing a running C partition on a 2003 server?

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    Meinolf Weber Guest

    Re: Low Disk Space on Server 2003 SP2

    You can use always diskcleanup to start. Also you can delete all the KBxxxxxx
    uninstall folders, if you are sure that you don't need to uninstall the patch.
    The only folder which should stay always is $hfmig$, all other you can delete
    or move to a different location if you will keep them. Also you can stop
    automatic update service and delete the c:\windows\softwaredistribution folder
    and start the service again, the folder will be recreated. If you have another
    harddisk in the computer you can also move the pagefile.

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    Pegasus \(MVP\) Guest
    You could resize your partitions with Acronis DiskDirector (Server).

    You can just move the Service Pack files off, but if you do ever need to
    do a SP uninstall (unlikely) then you would copy them back or alter
    the registry entry that points to the source.

    4.5Gb is fie though - 1Gb or less then I'd say make efforts to clear but
    a steady 4Gb is fine.

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    Re: Low Disk Space on Server 2003 SP2

    I cannot believe how many posts there are in the forums. I just read at least 4 threads about "low disk space". It seems that there are 3 major methods:
    Free up disk using Windows cleanup utility and delete files,
    Change registry with "regedit"
    Resize partitions to extend the system partition.

    I've tried each method, I have to say Windows cleanup utility generally is useless, as it only free up 50MB space. Change registry only when Low Disk Space alert pops up mistakenly. The best method is to extend the system partition. The bad is, no free partition tool for Server, you have to pay. I still recommend to extend partition to solve this problem, fast and easy.

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