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Thread: Server 2008 IE Security Settings - Cant Adjust for member ofAdministrators Group

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    bpowers Guest

    Server 2008 IE Security Settings - Cant Adjust for member ofAdministrators Group

    Server 2008 STD X86
    Terminal Services Role installed
    User is a member of the local administrator's group

    In IE7, select Tools, Internet Options. Security folder tab, highlight
    Trusted Sites. The Security level for this zone defaults to Medium and
    the slide bar is inactive no matter what I try.

    Enable protected mode is unchecked.

    What do I need to do to lower the Security Level?

    My purpose is to allow an unsigned active-x program from a trusted
    source allow my line of business application interact with QuickBooks

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    Meinolf Weber Guest
    Check your policies for the terminal server, that there is not setting that
    blocks the change even for administrators.

    I have the same issue, but my security setting is set to high. How can I
    change it to medium?

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    This worked for me:
    Go to start > Run and in the search box type: server
    On the right side of the page under 'Security Info' click on 'Configure IE ESC'
    Turn the Administrators ESC off
    Go back to your Trusted Sites page and see if you can configure the zone.
    Also, not sure why yet, but I had to reset my home page after making this change

    Too bad we don't know what it worked on for you.

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    Lucaseto Guest

    Re: Server 2008 IE Security Settings - Cant Adjust for member ofAdministrators Group

    Hola Amigos

    Aqui tambien podran encontrar la soluciĆ³n

    modificando la configuraciĆ³n del servidor y deshabilitando Configure IE ESC
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