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Thread: How to block ping reply using Windows firewall

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    How to block ping reply using Windows firewall

    I am using my laptop on a Home Network. It is behind NAT router. I am using a tool called a Shield UP which tells me the existing ports on the system. It runs a small test to check ports health. I had allowed all the network access that I need for applications and games. I found ICMP button as ticked under Firewall advance tab and it does not allow me to disable it. I cannot at all remove the tick. There is one more computer on the same network which has a single modem connected. On that system I was able to remove tick for ICMP settings. What could be the reason.

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    Re: How to block ping reply using Windows firewall

    It is quiet simple. Just go in the Firewall and click on Advance. There you can find a separate section called as ICMP. Just click on settings and remove tick from Allow incoming echo request. If that does not work then ensure that you are logged in admin account. Or else check the below link for more detailed steps.

    Enable or disable Internet Control Message Protocol requests for ICF

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