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Thread: gpedit.msc - add local policies and not domain policies

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    gpedit.msc - add local policies and not domain policies

    I have found out many articles about gpedit.msc for making a new policy with some of the examples that show how to assign existing policy to a group or a user. If we want to create a new policy then the method points to somewhere else which in turn states to refer to gpedit.msc for information and I have also found that secure system will not add anything. Anyways, I am on a computer with Admin rights which is a part of a domain although I am not a domain administrator but I only want to add local policies and not domain policies.

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    You could try the following method but for that you will need Windows XP installation disc. After when you have restarted your computer and booted from the disc into the recovery console, you can try to follow the guide given in this link - And once you have got the Recovery Console running, then use the CD command to go to this location - C:\Windows\System32\GroupPolicy\User and then use the REN command to rename the registry.pol file in that folder to registry.old and then exit the recovery console. So after when you have restarted the computer then you will have the restored access.

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    Even I have a doubt about the Gpedit settings. I can apply the settings like hiding the drives and then restricting some particular things etc when I am in its explorer but if I am trying to apply these settings it is also applying to the Administrator Account, means admin also cannot access the drive? So, what I want to ask is that the settings should be used for a particular user and I dont know how to do that? Can anyone tell me the same? Thanks.

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    re: gpedit.msc - add local policies and not domain policies

    If you are using Windows XP or either Windows 2000 then Group Policies applied locally will be also applied to all the users of the computer. And via the GPEDIT you wont be able to apply it to a specific users. You can however workaround this to keep the administrator from being affected.

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